West Side Greenway Cyclist Struck by Cab Driver Last Saturday

Photo: Ken Coughlin

Streetsblog regular Ken Coughlin alerted us to a Saturday afternoon collision between a yellow cab driver and a cyclist on the Hudson River Greenway at 43rd Street. Ken took this picture at 3:45 p.m. He said the cyclist appeared to be unconscious.

The crash happened at the entrance to the Circle Line dock, which Coughlin says is “a particularly dangerous crossing because it gets a fair amount of fast-moving traffic coming in from the east.” Data from Transportation Alternatives’ CrashStat show that seven cyclists and one pedestrian have been injured in collisions there since 2003. The site is a few blocks north of where greenway cyclist Carl Nacht was killed by an NYPD tow truck driver in 2006.

The NYPD public information office had no details on the crash. According to a spokesperson, this indicates “minor injuries only” and “no criminality involved.”

If you have any information on what happened here, please leave it in the comments or send us an e-mail.

  • As I’ve observed, cabs usually fly into those driveways while the greenway has a green signal, which means they’re clearly “failing to yield.” (which is completely legal now!) Yet cyclists sometimes just fly through the red lights on the greenway too. Not all of them, but many. 

    No way to say who’s at fault from just this information, but it does seem like all the intersections from the Intrepid down to the impound lot are not designed effectively for safety, since this crap still happens and close calls happen constantly. This is totally preventable, and people refuse to cooperate in safe use of these intersections because it’s just not convenient enough. It’s not just a tragedy, it’s an embarrassment to our society. 

  • Plenty of cyclists, runners and tourists continue through this crossing, regardless of what color the light might be, especially if they don’t see any traffic coming from W. 43rd Street. Nobody expects a cab to make a quick left from the highway, which appears to be what might have happened.

  • Anonymous

    I ride this stretch almost every weekday rush hour.

    Most people I see on the path don’t have a death wish and do check to make sure there is no traffic coming.However, when I see a car cross from the highway into the areas along the water without yielding to pedestrians it is almost always a cab.I think cabbies just aren’t used to the intersection with the bike path and unfortunately can’t be bothered to proceed safely.


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