Today’s Headlines

  • Cops: We Weren’t the Only Placard Holders Involved in Ticket Fixing (News)
  • NYT: Ray Kelly Isn’t Doing Enough to Root Out NYPD Corruption
  • Impending Debut of Nets Arena Spurs “Serious Look” at Residential Parking Permits (Post)
  • First Built-Out Section of Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Slated for West Street in Greenpoint (Bklyn Paper)
  • De Blasio Does Something Useful and Asks EDC to Prove It Actually Creates Jobs (WSJ)
  • Can the Cross-Bronx Be Buried? (News)
  • NTSB: Curbside Bus Operators More Dangerous Than Big Bus Companies (NYT)
  • With Muni Meters, Motorists Get the Parking They Pay For. What a Scam! (Patch)
  • A.O. Scott Makes Gary Hustwit’s “Urbanized” Sound Like a Fantastic Movie (NYT)
  • Confessions of a Former Bike Hater (Toronto Star, via @krstrois)

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  • digamma

    It’s bad journalism to write about bus safety without comparing their accident rates per passenger-mile to those of automobiles. If you drive because you think Fung Wah is unsafe, you are making a big miscalculation.

  • vnm

    Urbanized is indeed a great film. The liberal/left/community sit-ins and protests in Germany against a high speed rail effort called Stuttgart 21 were pretty eye-opening, and perhaps not fully fleshed-out by the film.