Today’s Headlines

  • More on Yesterday’s Rally for Family of Mathieu Lefevre From CBS, Gothamist, Observer
  • NYPD Shrugs Off Deadly Hit-and-Run: “That’s Why They Call It an Accident.” (Metro)
  • Bus Drivers Plead for Safety as Lhota Previews MTA Board Action (NY1, Post)
  • Chris Christie Touts 7 Line Extension; No Funding in Sight (WNYC, Post, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Livery Driver Suspected in Hit-and-Run Death of Morrisania Pedestrian (NY1)
  • Motorcyclist Killed in Hell’s Kitchen Cab Collision (DNAinfo)
  • Cuomo Steps Up Inspections of Private Tour Buses (News)
  • Bus Company Promises to End Gender Discrimination on B110 (Post)
  • Stanford Eyes Roosevelt Island for 1.9 Million Square-Foot Tech Campus (Crain’s, DNAinfo)
  • NYU Proposes Urban Studies Lab for MTA’s Jay St. Building (Bklyn Paper)
  • High Line Nets $20M Donation for Northward Expansion (NYT)

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  • Johnson

    Journalists should ask the Police if a Police person was hit and killed by a car would they just call it an accident and leave it at that?

  • Justice Seeker

    “There’s no criminality,” an NYPD spokesman told Metro. “That’s why they call it an accident.”

    Or, to re-phrase the NYPD’s position on this issue:

    “We call it an accident,” an NYPD spokesman said. “So, that we don’t have to investigate, press charges or hold drivers accountable after they have killed people with their automobiles.”

  • Dismayed

    Sadly, I think the only thing that will change the culture on our streets is if someone “important” gets hit.  I doubt the NYPD would call it an accident if Georgina Bloomberg or Greg Kelly was killed by an inattentive or reckless driver.

    Then again, I thought something would change when Marilyn Dershowitz was killed.  I was wrong.

  • vnm

    Livery cabbies drive like aggressive maniacs barely aware of other road users. Cuomo needs to to sign the outer-borough taxi bill that the legislature already passed months ago.

  • It’s going to take tenacity. It will take people holding signs in front of NYPD HQ day in, day out.

  • Tim

    They better fast-track the installation of those bus shields. Service cuts + people desperate to get to school/work/etc. + well-meaning drivers who do things like take a bus out of service until everyone’s behind the white line or refuse to release the rear door as a way to stymie fare-beaters (most of whom are likely not fare-beaters, but people who are desperate to get to school/work/etc. and can’t wait another 20 minutes for another equally crowded bus to show up) = a lot of people exceeding their boiling points. 

  • carma

    Tim, I hear you about this issue.  the bus service has been absolutely abysmal the last year & a half.

    i know what you mean by drivers meaning well by refusing to move the bus.  a driver’s explanation does little for customers trying to board a bus that is packed.  especially when the next bus likely will have the same problem, the headways are becoming atrocious for buses these days.

    Take the Q58/Q59.  buses are always running at 100% capacity and although the service level on paper is supposed to be less than 8 minutes for a bus.  seldom does it have a 8 minute headway.  it is more running close to 20 minute headways with severe bunching of buses.