Where to Go for Traffic Justice Rally at Noon Today

Last week Matthew Lefevre was killed by a hit-and-run truck driver while biking in East Williamsburg. According to the wisps of information NYPD has released about the case, it seems that police exonerated the driver based only on his own explanation — that he never saw Lefevre or noticed he’d run him down.

At noon today, members of Lefevre’s family will join Transportation Alternatives and Neighbors Allied for Good Growth to call for Ray Kelly’s police department to uphold traffic laws. The event is open to the public and anyone who wants to tell NYPD that street safety matters can attend. The blue dot marks the approximate spot, between the Municipal Building and NYPD headquarters, where the rally will take place.


Victim’s Family to NYPD: Tell Us What Happened to Our Son

The family of Mathieu Lefevre, the 30-year-old artist killed by a hit-and-run driver while riding his bike in East Williamsburg last week, was joined by dozens of supporters outside 1 Police Plaza today to demand that NYPD rein in deadly driving and end its policy of silence when it comes to fatal traffic crashes. Paul […]

In Lefevre Case, NYPD Press Statements Don’t Match NYPD Crash Report

Speaking at yesterday’s Transportation Alternatives rally at 1 Police Plaza, Erika Lefevre pointed to inconsistencies between initial accounts of the hit-and-run collision that killed her son Mathieu and the version offered by the crash report, which her family obtained only after weeks of NYPD stonewalling. The case of Mathieu Lefevre is only the latest in […]

Transportation Alternatives Launches Probe Into NYPD Crash Investigations

Transportation Alternatives today delivered over 2,500 citizen letters to Ray Kelly demanding that NYPD crack down on dangerous driving, and announced a comprehensive probe into how the department handles traffic crash investigations. Flanked by dozens of supporters and victims of traffic violence at 1 Police Plaza, TA executive director Paul Steely White excoriated NYPD for […]