Today’s Headlines

  • Bridge Tolls Back on Albany Agenda, Queens Legislator Already Organizing in Opposition (Cap’n Transit)
  • Senators Stewart-Cousins, Carlucci Push Back Against 1950s Design for Tappan Zee Bridge (LoHud)
  • Nyack Deputy Mayor: “No Trains, No Buses, No Bikes? No Bridge!” (Nyack News and Views)
  • News: Joe Lhota Must Hold Firm Against Fare Hikes, Get Cuomo and Legislature to Fund MTA
  • Times: Lhota and Foye Lack Expertise of Walder and Ward, But at Least Governor Will Return Their Calls
  • Municipal Parking Lots Near Connecticut Metro-North Stations Over-Subsidized, Oversubscribed (WSJ)
  • Crash Victim Sues Car Rental Company for Giving Vehicle to 90-Year-Old Without New Vision Test (Post)
  • Brooklyn Paper Pens Tribute to Artist Mathieu Lefevre, Fourth Williamsburg Cyclist Killed in Four Months
  • Schielle Hagan Fought Against Putnam Pedestrian Plaza, Sits There Just the Same (Patch)
  • Two Trains Derail on 6 Line, Snarling Subway Service (WNYC)
  • Resident Discount for Manhattan Parking: Probably Not Unconstitutional (NYT)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “Clearly, Lhota will have fights on his hands. He must enter them with an unyielding refusal to tap riders for more than their fair share of the costs. That means holding to planned biannual inflation-based hikes – and not a penny more.  Such a stance would place the onus on the Legislature and Cuomo to adequately fund the MTA and force Lhota into cutting costs without impairing service. One ripe area, of course, is labor.”

    So it is that everyone wants to be exempted from the sacrifices required to prevent our institutions from collapsing in the wake of Generation you know who.

    The fare is much lower, relative to inflation, than it was in 1995, as a result of discounts, unlimited ride cards, and the elimination of two fare zones.  And “save the fare” politicking is part of what wrecked the transit system the first time.  Even if, moreover, the fare were restored to its 1995 level including inflation and discounts, what about the money going to debts run up in the intervening years?

    “Labor” wants to ignore the damage done by the retroactive 2000 pension discounts and their own unwillingness to come up with the kind of productivity improvments they demand from others every time they go shopping.  But others who say “no sacrifices for me” are no different than the TWU.

    The choices are a deal in bankruptcy court or out of bankruptcy court.  Before the transit system and the state’s economy collapse or after.

  • Anonymous

    RE: Municipal Parking Lots Near CT Metro-North Stations.
    Argh!  Can’t seem to comment on the WSJ article.  Can somebody with a WSJ subscription please mention that maybe they should be pricing the land around stations according to the market?  Transit-Oriented Development around these stations would bring much more vitality than parking lots.  And buses from each neighborhood in a hub and spoke system would work better.

  • fj

    The incredible waste building infrastructure that does not address climate change @climateprogress (halfway into podcast)