Today’s Headlines

  • Andrea Bernstein: Chuck Schumer Asked Mayor Bloomberg to “Get Rid Of” PPW Bike Lane
  • Q Poll: 72 Percent of New Yorkers Welcome Bike-Share, 58 Percent Approve of Lanes (Post, News)
  • More on Cuomo Port Authority Pick Patrick Foye: NYT, Post, News, NY1, DNA, Kabak
  • WSJ Reports Imminent Appointment of Joe Lhota to Succeed Jay Walder
  • Ravitch Says New MTA Chief Should Push for Bridge Tolls (NY1)
  • Brooklyn Paper Covers Latest Williamsburg Cycling Fatality, Is Called Out by Readers
  • Bloomberg Says It Isn’t Practical for Wheelchair Users to Hail Cabs (News)
  • Years-Long Campaign Pays Off for Proponents of Signal at Greenwich and Duane Streets (TriTrib, DNA)
  • Residents: West Side Highway Connection Will Add Speeding Traffic to Riverside Blvd. (DNA)
  • Urban Omnibus Talks With EDC’s Joshua Nelson About the State of City Freight Rail
  • Economists Name Road Pricing as Best, If Not Only, Cure for Congestion (Atlantic)

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  • Eric

    I thought the Mayor’s response to Schumer and his wife sent a very clear message to them.

  • fj

    Uh, this might be important transportation news:

    Climate change could trap hundreds of millions in disaster areas, report claims @ITDP_HQ 

  • Democrat

    Great to know that Chuck Schumer doesn’t believe in the democratic process.  Chuck: don’t be a jerk!

  • Anonymous

    Q Poll: Not sure why the bike lane support figures are different in the Post vs. News.  

  • Anonymous

    No mention of the WSJ editorial yesterday calling for expanding highways instead of rails?

    “Building more lanes on the most congested interstate highways would be a far more efficient way to move Americans than continuing to fund Amtrak at $1.5 billion a year—or spending $20 billion on high-speed rail, as President Obama wants to do.”

    I’d like to see the details behind that calculation. Particularly after including the “negative externalities”.

  • Brooklynite

    What’s sad is that it finally took this long for the real Prospect Park West political story to come out. Michael Grynbaum at the New York Times and all the rest of them spent most of 2010 telling the #bikenyc story from the perspective of the city’s 1%.

    Finally, thanks to Streetsblog’s good work, this Andrea Bernstein story is starting to tell the PPW story from the perspective of those of us in the community who don’t own $3.5M mansions.

    It’s too little too late, but I’ll take it.

  • It’s good to know that if a community advocate and volunteer wants his street to be safer and emails someone at DOT, that email exchange could later be subpoenaed as evidence of collusion between the “bike lobby” and an imperial administration.  If the advocate and the public servant have a beer together it’s will be portrayed in court papers and the media as some sort of secret cabal or conspiracy.

    On the other hand, if one is a member of New York’s political aristocracy and is invited to attend a private dinner with the mayor, it is perfectly acceptable to thwart the democratic process and ask him to use his imperial powers to “get rid of” a community-supported traffic calming project.

    Just wanted to make sure I have the rules straight, because I think this is more or less how it’s going to go back to working once Bloomberg is out of office. 

  • J

    I posted the following message on Sen Schumer’s facebook wall:

    Senator Schumer,
    Why are you meddling in local politics, trying to undue a four-year democratic process? Why are you trying to make my community less friendly to bikes and pedestrians? Why are you trying to make it easier for cars to speed in my community?

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    J, where did you post it?  It looks like it’s gone.  Is Chuck’s office deleting PPW-related posts?  I suggest taking a screen shot as soon as you put something up.

  • Anonymous

    Nice article by Andrea.  I appreciate that she put a few things in context, like the fact that reasonable people think reducing traffic lanes reduces traffic.  This is precisely the kind of detail that most journalists would overlook.  Most of this is old news to SB readers, but it’s great to see it compiled and presented in another forum.  Even as a life-long, died in the wool Democrat, I found the scene where the nominal Republican essentially gives the middle finger to the  nominal Democrat highly entertaining.  I don’t know what Chuck is going to do to get off my shit-list, but I don’t see it happening any time soon.  This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that makes people cynical about politics.

  • Anonymous

    @qrt145:disqus Just wanted to add: After seeing on Streetsblog that one highway interchange costs $1.7B, the $1.5B for Amtrak — for the whole country — is nothing.

  • moocow

    I have posted several PPW items there, only or them to disappear seconds later.