Today’s Headlines

  • Confirmed: Tappan Zee Replacement Will Keep Highway Widening, Drop Transit (LoHud)
  • Feds Pushed State to “Streamline” Tappan Zee Plans, Leave Transit For Later (NYT)
  • MTA Hasn’t Been Invited to Cuomo’s Tappan Zee Meetings For Months (Transpo Nation)
  • Giuliani Aide Tops Short List For MTA Chief, Five Others Under Consideration (News)
  • Stats Show Safety Gains From Columbus Ave Bike Lane; Andrew Albert Not Won Over (DNAinfoPost)
  • With NYPD Still in Violation of Traffic Data Law, T.A. Maps Traffic Danger on Its Own (News)
  • Tolls Increase on Upstate Bridges (LoHud)
  • Staten Island Republicans to Host Forum Attacking MTA Payroll Tax (Advance)
  • From Port Authority to Gracie Mansion? Supporters Float Chris Ward Trial Balloon (Observer)
  • Times Transpo Beat: Deciphering Taxi Roof Lights Integral to Real New Yorker Status

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  • Breaking news: Motorists don’t feel bike lane has improved safety.  In other words ” I can’t treat this road like a highway anymore and it feels more dangerous when I hit 50mph”.

  • Pete

    Curious about the Tappan Zee project – what is it that’s driving the $6B estimated cost for installing rail?

  • Transpo Reporter

    It’s always a relief to wake up in the morning and see that Grynbaum and Haughney at the NYT are covering some utterly trivial and superficial aspect of NYC transportation “culture” relevant primarily to a small group of people living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

    Sure, it would be nice to see the NYT doing smart, informative, valuable coverage of the big important transportation stories — things like the Tappan Zee Bridge, the Yankee Stadium parking garages, the NYPD ticket fixing scandal, the MTA’s financial disaster and Governor Cuomo’s views of NY State transportation policy.

    But every minute Mike and Christine spend working on cutesy bullshit stories like the one about the taxi cab lights is a minute they are not spending screwing up one of those serious stories. I’ll take that deal.

  • The Tappan Zee news is the most discouraging. After extensive public review and regional transit planning that all prioritized bus and rail inclusions on a new span, the state is going to ram through a vehicle-only bridge design anyway. The public should be furious about this, but we can’t do a thing about it. A vehicle-only span will be “good enough” for most people, whose imaginations are still wrapped around the idea of 100% vehicle ownership and guaranteed point-to-point vehicle travel and parking for all activities in life. I won’t hold the state responsible for endless traffic jams on superhighways, but I will hold them responsible for discrimination against the non-driving public by constantly undermining mass-transit operations. I just wish more people would sign onto that thinking… maybe some people will figure it out when they’re sitting in a jam on the Major Deegan for the 2,000th time.

  • “While cyclists overwhelmingly said the new lane had enhanced safety,
    almost 50 percent of motorists said the bike lane hadn’t improved safety
    at all, according to Brewer’s survey.”

    I’d really like to see how that broke down.  If just under 50% of drivers said it hadn’t improved safety, does that mean then that over 50% of drivers had a neutral or favorable opinion?  If so, that’s a win for the bike lane.  As the saying does not go, “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can never please drivers.”

  • I hope C.M. Brewer gives relatively little weight to the >50% of surveyed motorists who didn’t “believe” safety had improved:  on such a limited length of Columbus Ave., those motorists are probably doing nothing more meaningful for the community than driving through it.  Other groups’ opinions should be given more weight.

  • Commenter 823

    50% of auto executives in said Ralph Nader’s seat belt campaign hadn’t improved safety, according to the survey.

    50% of murderers said gun control laws hadn’t improved safety, according to the survey. 


  • Anonymous

    So, an opinion poll is a reasonable way to measure a quantifiable aspect of physical reality now?  How perfect for Columbus Day!  I think at one point >50% of Europeans were sure the world was flat…

  • I like station 44025’s comment:  I hope that we’re at a real Galileo/Copernicus moment here:  that in coming years a majority of pedestrians will understand that, in spite of incidents of bad cyclist behavior (which I don’t excuse), bikes are actually good for their overall safety (because they provide car-calming), not bad for it.

  • Tsuyoshi

    And Governor Fungible strikes again. Cuomo is really quite a contrast to Christie’s artless bombast:  he makes the evisceration of transit look easy.

  • Anonymous

    Just sent an email to Cuomo’s office complaining about the TZ Bridge being built without rail or bus rapid transit.  So stupid….

  • Andy C.

    That new Tappan Zee is going to be sweet.  Can’t wait to redline my ’68 Camaro SS 389 (I bored out the cylinders myself!) on those extra lanes.

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