Today’s Headlines

  • Jury Holds City Responsible for Dangerous Street, Awards Millions to Cyclist Injured in Crash (Post)
  • Rumor Mill: Former Giuliani Lieutenant Joseph Lhota on Shortlist to Replace Jay Walder (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • If You Want to Get Away With Murder in NYC, Kill Someone With Your Car (The Daily)
  • China’s Electric Car Push Won’t Reduce China’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Dot Earth)
  • Will NYPD’s Traffic Ticket Corruption Undercut Upcoming Bronx Murder Trial? (News)
  • Manhattan Gas Stations Facing Extinction (Crain’s)
  • Drunk Driver Kills Deliveryman on Scooter in Brooklyn (News)
  • Off-Duty Corrections Officer Dies in Motorcycle Crash Near Queens Blvd (News)
  • Brooklyn Community Board 1 Ain’t the Same Without Teresa Toro (Bklyn Paper)
  • Has the Columbus Avenue Bike Lane “Ruined the Neighborhood”? Find Out Tonight! (DNAinfo)

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  • Ambulance Chaser

    Is this the first time the city has been successfully held libel for poor street design causing an injury to a cyclist? If so, that’s kind of a big deal, right? Or no? It would be great to hear from a knowledgeable attorney on this.

    And before folks start celebrating, it’s worth noting: $19M of NYC taxpayer funds would have paid for a heck of a lot of street safety improvements.

  • Dean Hainline

    From the Post story:

    “The panel believed that city officials ignored the warnings from
    Gerritsen Beach residents that Gerritsen Avenue needed to be revamped to
    slow down drivers who fly along the open stretch of road.”

    I wonder if Jim Walden still believes that “we are spending a lot of money building lanes that few people use when
    we are making really tough choices about cutting education and
    social-benefit programs that give access to food, health care, and job

    $19M of NYC taxpayer funds would have paid for a heck of a lot of food, health care, and job training.

  • The people who celebrate a loss of city revenue for its own sake are toll opponents, congestion pricing opponents, red light camera opponents, speeding ticket opponents, and parking ticket opponents. This $19M loss will hurt the city like any other, but it will ease the life of someone permanently injured by the city’s longstanding negligence of  reckless motor vehicles traffic on its streets.

    And it will not particularly hinder street safety improvements because these have not been held back by money in the first place, but by people who would like more asphalt so they can drive faster, park cheaper, and to hell with the lifelong cognitive ability of 12 year olds on bicycles.

  • Anonymous

    What is the precedent value of the $19M verdict?  I know out here in Westchester, traffic calming improvements are often opposed because of “liability”; better to do nothing then to do something and have somebody get hurt.

    Seems like this case would correct this bizarre and widespread definition of “liability.”  

  • carma

    i totally disagree with the verdict.  the liability is 100% on the driver.  NOT the city.  the city should be in its best interests to make the road safer.  but to me, this is a frivelous attempt to get any money possible.

    we might as well start suing sign manufacturers for not making enough signs on the road to protect pedestrians.  or might as well start suing the companies that make the led traffic lights b/c i couldnt see the light from a mile away. etc…

    the ONLY person that should be sued was the driver. 

  • Since when is it up to sign manufactures how many counterproductive safety signs are put on the streets? Traffic calming works, public safety is the responsibility of the state, and it should have been done sooner.

  • Daphna

    In the future Community Board members who vote against safer street re-designs should also be held liable for a portion.  The DOT of late has proposed many street re-designs that certain Community Boards vote down.

    Also in the future, City Council members should be held partially liable in lawsuits concerning injuries resulting from unsafe streets.  Certain City Council members have already passed laws making it harder for streets to be re-designed, and are proposing additional laws that will make it even harder still.  They should be held liable for passing laws that make it more costly and significantly more time consuming to implement safer street re-designs.

  • Daphna

    Newspaper editors who always portray the cyclist as the problem one and reporters who do sensationalist stories devoid of facts that incite bike-hate should also be held liable in the future.

  • Daphna, in the future we will have constitutionally guaranteed freedom of the press. Oh wait! The future is here!

  • Daphna

    Speaking of injuries and deaths from different methods of transportation: it bothers me that when a single person dies from a helicopter crash for first time in a few years, that politicians become very vocal in wanting to change the whole tourism helicopter industry; yet when 5-6 people are killed each and every week just in NYC by drivers, politicians don’t shout about their outrage, call for safety measures or call for a whole change in how street space is allocated.  Instead politicians do the opposite and draft laws that will make it harder to improve the streets.  I wish they could see their own hypocrisy.

  • ”  the city should be in its best interests to make the road safer.  but to me, this is a frivelous attempt to get any money possible.”

    I think you mean “desperate”  attempt. It is trivially easy for an accident victim to run up a hospital tab that is way more than the driver’s ability to pay over a lifetime. 

  • carma

    i do mean both frivolous and desperate.

    desperate, b/c i do agree hospital bills rack up.  but frivolous in the sense that the city should make streets safe, but is not liable for everything that other peoples actions cause on those city streets.

    its like suing mcdonalds for you spilling hot coffee on your lap 

  • Re: Closing gas stations.

    They should copy the italian/french model of allowing gas pumps on the sidewalk.

  • @d8d46f16f380afef59ca318522397233:disqus  dont bring up the mcdonalds case, youll just embarrass yourself. I suggest reading on why mcdonalds lost.

    (Hint, like the city, they were repeatedly told the conditions were dangerous, but they ignored the warnings)

  • Andrew

    @Jamesboat:disqus I strongly disagree.  There’s already far too much stuff devoted to motorists (parking meters, street sign and traffic signal posts, etc.) on space supposedly devoted to pedestrians (sidewalks).  

  • carma


    i read the case and the details, but the fact is that it was still a frivolous case

    yeah, the facts are that the 180 degree coffee will create burns, but the 79 year olds actions are the cause for the burns.  mcds did not splash the coffee in her sweatpants

    when did americans lose commonsense and start suing everybody around them?
    damn a sad society we became..