Today’s Headlines

  • Police Finally ID Cyclist, Robert Doyle, Slain By Trucker in Williamsburg Tuesday (News)
  • Two More DUI Cases Could Go Belly Up Thanks to Shredded Credibility of Tix Fix Cop (News)
  • Traffic Summonses Down Eight Percent This Year in Wake of Fixing Scandal (NYT)
  • Sight of Cyclists Inducing Frequent Road Rage, Death Threats From Manhattan Motorists (n8han)
  • Can Common Sense Prevail on the Riverside Park 72nd Street Path? (DNAinfo)
  • Three Hurt as Bus Collides With Speeding Taxi on UWS (Post)
  • DOT: NYC Roads in Best Shape Since 2005 (Post)
  • Progress on GWB Bus Terminal Renovation: Garage Shut Down (DNAinfo)
  • MTA Fires Two More Supervisors in Nepotism Case (News)
  • New Study Shows, Again, That Red Light Cams Make Streets Safer (Transpo Nation)
  • The Post’s Delivery Technique Matches Its Editorial Voice (Brooklyn Spoke)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    I see the quality of NYC streets as slowly deterioarting.  Perhaps they got the potholes filled, but the pace of street repaving was reduced a recession or two ago and never restored.  As a result, there are lots of streets I ride on that seem to be all filled potholes.

    Many are major arterials such as Park Avenue.  Perhaps not wanting to be accused of disrupting traffic is the reason they aren’t being repaved.

  • Jon Geeting

    The cyclist’s name is Christopher Doyle. He was one of my closest friends.

  • carma

    Potholes are more dangerous to cyclists than cars
    A car going over can break an axle. A bike going over can flip and break you.