Cyclist Killed Near Rockaway Beach, Second Bike Fatality This Week

A motorist hit and killed 70-year-old cyclist Andrzei Wiesniuk near Rockaway Beach last night, according to a report in the Daily News. The driver, Jonathan Rincon, was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

Wiesniuk was riding north on Cross Bay Parkway near Beach Channel Drive, the News reported, when he turned to try and cross into the southbound bike lane.

Wiesniuk is the fourth cyclist killed in a traffic crash in the past month and the second this week. In addition to the unidentified cyclist killed by a truck driver in East Williamsburg on Monday, Marilyn Dershowitz was killed by a mail truck as she tried to reach the Hudson River Greenway, and Ray Deter was killed on Canal Street by a Jaguar driver in possession of marijuana. In none of those three crashes did law enforcement bring any serious charges against the motorists.

Even before news of Wiesniuk’s death had been reported, traffic safety advocates had noted the harrowing number of cyclists killed in such a short time. “These tragic deaths might have been prevented if these streets had safe space for everyone,” said Paul Steely White, executive director of Transportation Alternatives. “Streets with bike lanes see 40 percent fewer crashes ending in death or serious injury.”

  • Mike

    There is no southbound bike lane at those streets (nor do they actually intersect).  Something about this is fishy.

  • Eric McClure

    I hope you’re reading this, Judge Bert Bunyan: these senseless, avoidable deaths are precisely why — but far from the only reason — we need good, safe bike infrastructure in NYC.

  • I feel so sad when I hear such news , I mean that a life has gone in vane , because of a mistake…We must do anything to prevent incidents on the road!

  • Larry Littlefield

    Trucks and suspended licenses.  I’m just reading not doing numbers, but that’s the impression I’m getting.

  • Queensian

    The unlicensed driver was from Ozone Park.  Isn’t that Eric “License all Bikes” Ulrich’s district?  Did he tell the guy to “get a life”?

  • Anonymous

    Building on Mike’s comment: Cross Bay Parkway is separated from Beach Channel Drive by the Cross Bay Bridge. While it’s true that the Daily News article said “near” and not “at,” the parkway is actually, what, a mile or so distant from BC Drive? The article is, thus, completely unclear as to where the collision occurred.

    Worse, how would the “cops” who spoke to the News know that the bicyclist “had been trying to go from the northbound lane to the southbound bicycle lane”? All they might know is that he had turned or was turning left … if in fact he had or was. (I’m assuming that the Acura was northbound; if it was southbound, then only a witness would be in a position to know that the bicyclist had initially been in the northbound lane.)

    So, yes, this is fishy.

  • Matches

    This sadly adds to the recent death counts in Eric Ulrich’s district, especially this summer.  Is he open to a discussion – or will he refuse to because this is a tragedy?

  • Danny G

    @Komanoff:disqus Cross Bay Boulevard becomes Cross Bay Parkway once you cross the bridge into Rockaway, even though it’s really just Beach 95th Street or whatever. That being said, it is still ambiguous. A map would be quite nice.

  • Mike

    I can’t figure out how to reply anymore, but regardless of Danny G’s comment, (a) Cross Bay passes OVER Beach Channel and doesn’t intersect it; (b) there is no southbound bike lane here; and (c) if he was actually riding on Cross Bay over Beach Channel, he couldn’t make a u-turn because the northbound and southbound lanes are about 200 feet apart where Cross Bay crosses Beach Channel.

  • Johanna Clearfield


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