Today’s Headlines

  • Chris Ward’s Job Still In Danger, Despite WTC and Aviation Successes (Observer)
  • Businesses Complain About Congestion at Redesigned Queens Plaza, Still Under Construction (News)
  • Legislature Passes Own Version of Distracted Driving Legislation, Not Cuomo’s (DemChron)
  • Long Island Driver Hits and Kills Pedestrian in Deer Park (Newsday)
  • Jersey City Seniors Most Able in State to Remain Mobile After They Stop Driving (Star-Ledger)
  • Top Planner Helps Ralph Gardner Exorcise Irrational Lifelong Hate of E. 86th Street (WSJ)
  • Metro-North Continues Rollout of New Cars on New Haven Line (LoHud)
  • Photos: Downtown Brooklyn Public Plaza Nearly Complete (Brownstoner)
  • ConEd Says It Can’t Fix Badly Needed Streetlight Because of Parking Regulations (News)
  • The Brooklyn Spoke Compendium of Bike Lane Doublespeak

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  • carma

    from the designs of the qp project, it doesnt seem that any changes to the current plaza creates congestion.  the amount of travel lanes is not changing.

    however, as with any construction, even if travel lanes are not created, congestion can and usually does occur b/c the roads are diverted to different patterns due to  slight curvatures in the road pattern that are created to accomodate space for construction material, etc..

    the end result of this project is a much nicer breath of scenery.  as with any construction project, it always looks like crap until you see the finished product.  im a part time contractor, and i can tell you that sometimes it is hard to imagine the finished results without seeing the actual results.  but try to look at the big picture.

  • “ConEd Says It Can’t Fix Badly Needed Streetlight Because of Parking Regulations (News)”

    I don’t buy that excuse. I’ve seen ConEd come into Park Slope and put up temporary “no parking” signs while working on entire blocks. They could easily do the same in the Bronx. Something else is going there. 

  • carma

    if its an emergency, then parking regulations or any regulations can be ignored.  its definitely something else.

  • J:Lai

    As it stands, that area is one where you want to spend as little time as possible.
    If the redesign makes it even marginally more pleasant to walk around there, local businesses will be major beneficiaries (until their rents go up.)

  • Marcia Kramer’s Car

    According to their noontime teaser, can’t wait until tonight to watch CBS’ “investigation of Queens Plaza” and see what changes are coming.  It sounds like utter B.S. though….