Today’s Headlines

  • Even Breathalyzer-Giving Highway Cops Fixed Tickets (NYT)
  • Fixers Got Their Own Tickets: to Yankees, Mets, and Giants (News)
  • After Watching New PSAs, Post Says Even DOT Thinks Cyclists Are Jerks (Post)
  • Second Anti-Bike Share Post Editorial in One Week Warns of Litigious New Yorkers
  • Brand New Riverside Boulevard Already Needs Traffic Calming Median (DNAinfo)
  • City Asks Developers for Plans for Willets Point Mega-Project (News)
  • Post-Election, Mayor Rahm Promises 25 Miles of Protected Bike Lanes a Year (Transpo Nation)
  • Philly Is Nation’s Best Big City for Cycling, Says Census (CBS)
  • LaHood Wants to Improve Cycling Safety, Probably Isn’t a Hipster (HuffPo)
  • Second Ave. Subway Bike Lane Perfect Location: Far From Schumers, Near Third Rail (Final Edition)
  • I think the “Idaho” Stop could work in New York the more I think of it but not in the City. Just like the right on red in the rest of the state the “Idaho” Stop could be used in the rest of the state but for saftey concerns not in New york City.

  • Joe R.

    If by “the city”, you mean the Manhattan CBD then I’m inclined to agree. However, the outer boroughs have many places where the Idaho stop makes sense. There are far too many ill-timed traffic lights which often require a cyclist to wait for absolutely nothing. If NYC hadn’t gone traffic light crazy then nobody would even be talking about an Idaho stop.

  • Shemp

    NY Post: “All the shit we can make up!”

  • Joe R.

    Like someone else here said once, the NY Post is written by and for morons.

  • Anonymous

    I sometimes read the comments just to see if I still have the ability to be shocked and horrified.

    It’s like wading in a sewer of projected racism, ignorance, homophobia, hate, and anti-immigrant paranoia.

  • That article about Riverside Boulevard is amazing. They couldn’t build it right the first time?

  • MR

    The Riverside Boulevard characterization up there in the headlines is completely misleading. The DOT is putting in the median to prepare for more traffic when the connection takes place, but I think they said that there was something like one car that sped during their study period, and it was just a few miles over the limit. All of this is good stuff for livable streets advocates.

    The correct way to explain the DOT’s actions would be to say that “Brand New Riverside Boulevard Installs Traffic Calming Median to Prepare for Connection to Riverside Drive.” I know that y’all are at war with drivers, but making everything an inflammatory issue is just bizarre and distracting.

  • Anonymous

    Aaaaand the Jerk campaign starts to backfire after less than 24 hours. Nobody saw that coming.

    This DOT may be great on policy, but based on results they are pretty terrible at PR, which is too bad.

  • Anonymous

    Meanwhile, I’ve given them 6 or 8 page views over the past few months of anti-bike screeds that I wish I could take back…