Today’s Headlines

  • Sadik-Khan: NYC Travel Patterns Challenge Albany to Resolve the Problem of Transit Funding (NYT)
  • Gale Brewer Backs Away From Car-Free Prospect Park Proposal (Bklyn Star)
  • Markowitz Logic: DOT Runs Roughshod Over Communities By Heeding Community Board Votes (L Mag)
  • Connecticut Budget Deal Raises Many Taxes, But Not the One on Motor Vehicle Fuel (NYT)
  • High-Profile Crashes Haven’t Made a Dent in Intercity Bus Ridership (Transpo Nation)
  • Turkish Bid to Build “Taxi of Tomorrow” Looking Like More of a Longshot (Bklyn Paper)
  • Cap’n Transit: More Transit Spending Isn’t Necessarily Better for Transit
  • Chrysler Is Building the Dream Vehicle for 34th Street NIMBYs (The Onion)
  • Cop: Stoned Chris Simms Was Speeding Down Houston Street Before Traffic Stop (News)
  • Congrats to TSTC on Some Well-Deserved Recognition From the EPA (MTR)

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  • Anonymous

    Isn’t the real news in the NYT City Room story leading your headlines that transportation reporter Michael Grynbaum gave a positive spin to City DOT’s insistence that its fine-grained metrics give a truer picture of travel patterns than does the U.S. Census’s meat-axe approach?:

    “Trust the census, with its one-size-fits-all questions, and risk prescribing policies that ignore the true needs of a mobile city.”

    The City Room headline notwithstanding (Grynbaum almost certainly didn’t write it), the piece has none of the snarkiness of Grynbaum’s and the Times’ anti-Sadik-Khan coverage over the past few months. Looks to me like the pendulum may be swinging back.

  • carma

    it really is a shame that Karzan may be losing the taxi bid. I was completely against their bid at first as I never heard of them prior to the bid. but after a little digging, i think they are competent enough. and if it means bringing a whole bunch of jobs to nyc. that to me is a big win.

    unfortunately now we have the ford transit, which is built in mexico, or the nissan built in japan. it probably will go to ford, as nissan (like all japanese autos) will have a hard time sourcing parts from japan. even if nissan built local plants here in NY, or the US, a lot of internals still need to be shipped from japan. an w/ shortages, the winning bid will probably be to Ford.

    I just wish, that any winning contract also comes with a additional manufacturing jobs here in NY.

    on another note, i dont think any of these 3 proposals offered a fuel efficient choice. i mean, yes, the crown vic was a gas guzzler, so its not hard to beat that. and the TLC has been using more minivans which has “marginally” better fuel economy and much more cargo room, but couldnt we build a decent taxi w/ the fuel economy of a conventional powered camry? i mean that car can last for 200000 miles w/o a single problem, and gets 24 mpg w/ stop and go traffic.

  • Anonymous

    They pull over people for speeding on Houston? You can’t even make enough lights in a row to speed (except maybe between mercer and 6th ave, but still . . . )

    and if he was stoned, wouldn’t he be driving slower? I much prefer stoned drivers than drunk ones. The aggressive types scare me. I highly doubt a stoned guy is gonna honk like the devil behind me because he wants me to get out of the way so i can then catch up w/him at the next light.

  • Anonymous

    Hasn’t Karzan never made cars before? Is it possible that a lot of their goals for the prices they were quoting unrealistic?

    But yah,

    I’m more concerned with the fuel effeciency aspect. These are large contracts and the scale alone should off-set any concerns that a manufacturer would have for increased manufacturing costs attributable to increased fuel efficency demands.

  • carma

    actually, just announced that nissan won the bid.

    and after doing more research on this. appears that the next taxi, is based off the nv200.

    Looking at the details the nissan is almost 40 inches shorter than the crown vic. 3.5 feet is quite a bit shorter, but can probably fit a lot more cargo since its a minivan.

    also, take a look at the tiny engine. it is a 1.6 liter only. with hp at 109 only at 6000 rpm. that means, a cabbie will literally have to be flooring it in order to extract all the power. can this mean not so aggressive cab drivers in the future, since who wants to always have to floor the gas pedal?

    on the bright side it gets 6.8l / 100km which is approximately 34.5 mpg. i say thats a BIG win.

    now, lets start building these damn cabs in the USA and i say everybody wins.

  • wkgreen

    Gale Brewer is backing away from a car free Prospect Park because of the commotion about the PPW lane, and yet I can’t imagine how one would create a 2 way bike lane in the park, an idea that PPW lane detractors have pushed, unless the park is car free.

    Sweet irony.

  • Daphna

    Nissan won and certain things looks good. Some features of the taxis:
    a 2.0L 4-cylinder powertrain
    room for four passengers as well as luggage
    a low-annoyance horn & lights that indicate when the vehicle is honking
    lights that indicate when taxi doors are opening
    sliding doors

    carma wrote that the Nissan taxis have a 1.6L engine, but the specs I saw stated 2.0L. I do not know what the fuel efficiency is, but a 4 cylinder engine is more about economy/efficiency rather than power/performance, which is good.

    I am especially happy about the sliding doors! ! ! ! Many fewer cyclists will get doored.

  • carma

    I picked up the 1.6L motor from basically looking for specs for the NV200. What the real engine will be on the taxi, i still hope its small. We really dont need a taxi thats 300hp+. i mean, these are city streets that the fleet operates on. how much power does a cab need? Even 85hp is enough on the streets and the occasional highway.

    The sliding doors will help, not just cyclists, but all ppl. Cars do get smashed as well from not so attention paying exiting passengers. Now only if we can get the cab drivers to not block the roads and double/triple park when accepting a fare.

    another thing the limo companies will be shopping for soon is the replacement town car. those boats, although comfortable to sit in, were horribly fuel inefficient just like the crown victoria. i mean seriously, why do we need monster v8’s in these cars. reserve it for the cop cars, not the car service vehicles.