Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD Parking Ticket Fixing Scandal Is Great News for Bronx Criminals (News)
  • Parking-Obsessed LIC Locals Can’t Stand to Part With Half-Empty Garage By Transit Hub (Queens Chron)
  • RPA Overseeing Bi-State TOD Effort (WSJ)
  • NYPD Bike Crackdown Reaches a New Low (Post)
  • Attention NYC’s Bike Lane Crank Minority: Maybe a French Minister Has Les Mots Justes for You (NYT)
  • 1010 WINS Talks to the Good Guys About PPW CB6 Vote And Still Botches the Story
  • Bay Ridge Politicos Get MTA to Reinstitute Two Express Bus Routes (Bklyn Eagle)
  • How Capitol Hill’s Bus Safety Push Could Make Us All Less Safe (Cap’n Transit)
  • Flatbush Street Fairs Not Happening This Year (Bklyn Paper)
  • The Real Enemy Isn’t on Two Wheels (Colbert Report)

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  • You know that the NYPD crackdown is out of control when even the New York Post is taking the side of a cyclist.

  • molly
  • carma

    This is crazy. a ticket for a handbag. the cop was definitely trying to target a citizen with a “MADE UP” fantasy law. perhaps she may have been riding on the sidewalk, but still, these are stupid crazy tickets. cop simply abused the law. plain and simple

  • Anonymous

    Captain O’Reilly of the 24th Precinct has some explaining to do. What is the point of sending out officers to write “creative” bike summonses? Aren’t there enough cases of the kind of cycling behavior that people are actually complaining about to keep the officers busy?

    In January, I and several others attended a 24th Precinct Council meeting to express our concerns over implementation of “Operation Safe Cycle.” Captain O’Reilly gave statistics showing that in her precinct moving violations were being issued at the rate of 1/5 to cyclists–disproportionately high, but not nearly as out of whack as in the 19th or Central Park Precinct. She also emphasized that her officers were using their discretion to focus on offenses that actually implicated pedestrian safety. But last week, I was riding by the intersection where this “carrying articles” summons was issued and I saw four officers writing summonses simultaneously, one on each corner. I assumed it was a coincidence that four cyclists would be stopped at once, but from the Post report it appears that 24th precinct officers are stationed on the corners of 100th and Columbus, stopping cyclists routinely and then coming up with things to charge them with afterwards.

    If you ride in the 24th Precinct (Upper West Side 86th to 110th Street), please join me at the 24th Precinct Community Council being held this Wednesday April 20th at 7 pm, 151 West 100th Street, so that we can raise these issues with Captain O’Reilly.

  • moocow

    Did the cop spell handbag correctly or was it called a “Helment”

  • carma

    it was probably spelled “hangbag” since it was hanging off of the handlebars

  • carma

    is this the same capt oreily that is giving the tickets of bikers in the park for exceeding 15mph?
    we have a huge problem when bikers, or any citizens are stopped for ridiculous laws. Especially for laws that are NON EXISTENT and created only to satisfy a task of calming bikers.
    i encourage the bike crackdown. there really are too many dangerous bikers that salmon, ride on the sidewalk and run red lights when there really is a need to stop.

    those are the bikers that need to be ticketed. but to ticket someone for carrying articles and assume they are dangerous?

    that is wrong policing. it may be the beat officers who are at fault for being lazy, rather than to target the wrong audience, but it is also the captn at fault for not giving proper direction of who needs to be ticketed.

  • Anonymous

    No, carma, that’s Captain Wishnia, of the Central Park Precinct.

  • Pete

    Meanwhile, the NYPD apparently doesn’t like criticism of their tactics. Witness this video, where they *arrest* a passerby commenting to a bicyclist in the process of getting a ticket.

  • The Truth

    It’s not just the Post.
    Even the generally anti-bike angry cops on Thee Rant think the summons for the handbag was ridiculous!

  • Spartacus

    Did you ever think that the picture of her on the sidewalk was a posed shot so the newspaper could show what she looked like at the time she was ticketed.

  • Shemp

    It wouldn’t sadden me to see Grynbaum run over in traffic.

  • This video is an amazing example of everything that is seriously wrong with NYPD.

  • Driver

    Sadly Mellow, it just scratches the surface.

  • Isn’t there some kind of system in place to punish officers that hand out too many frivolous tickets?

    If not, it’s a highway to corruption.

    “I don’t like you, here’s a ticket for carrying a bag, enjoy your wasted day in court”

  • Driver

    I doubt it when we just saw a sergeant arrest a man for being vocal.

  • vnm

    Whoa. Molly, that is crazy. And think about this, the guy got ticketed for riding a bike on a section of sidewalk where it would be perfectly legal to drive a car. It looks like he’s right in front of the building at the corner here: That’s in front of a garage with a curb cut. So drive across the sidewalk, you’re good. Ride a bike at that same section, you get a $150 ticket.

  • Ian Turner

    This is NYPD standard operating procedure.See for example this one, also bicycle-related:

  • The Truth

    There should be a system to track the percentage of tickets by each officer are being dismissed. It could identify a number of potential abuses:

    – Frivolous tickets meant to harass law-abiding groups disliked by a particular officer
    – Intentional errors to let guilty cops that have been ticketed escape discipline
    – Just plain, sloppy work that ultimately allows the guilty to go free while the poor performing cop still gets paid

    It would also allow the NYPD to identify training needs to ensure the cops are getting the information they need to perform well.

  • And just head over to the Post’s comments for a thorough critique of the posed cyclist’s position on the sidewalk, manner of wearing her crash helmet, and the potential for her loose tote bag to cause untold destruction. You can walk around this city however you want (usually), but the moment you step on a bicycle every element of your appearance becomes a topic of public debate.

  • Anonymous

    Wow–I was unaware of that board. Very eye opening. I did a search on “bike lane,” and came up with all kinds of comments about how cyclists got what they deserved when they were killed in traffic, endless rants against liberals, yuppie scum, various races. If you thought you were treating cops unfairly by assuming they are bigoted right wing nuts who are drunk on power and take great joy in harassing anyone who is different from themselves–you’re not. Helpful of them to post so much on the Internet so we can see what really goes on in their little minds.

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