Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Fails in Effort to Overturn Arbitration, Block Raise for Workers (News)
  • Silence on Prospect Park West Helps Make Schumer One of Week’s Biggest Losers (City Hall News)
  • No Money For Tunneling BQE, Say State, Fed Officials (Bklyn Paper)
  • Skelos: MTA Payroll Tax Repeal May Be On Hold Until Next Year (Newsday)
  • Everyone Gets That Garages Worsen Traffic And Eat Up Space — When They House Buses (Crain’s)
  • MTA to Introduce Video Ads in Cars, 3D Ads in Tunnels (Post)
  • Bay Ridge Businesses Persuade DOT to Add Meters on Third Avenue (Bklyn Paper)
  • NYC BigApps Competition Winner Offers Transit Data to Commuters (WSJ)
  • Ped Bedlam! New Yorkers’ Peppy Step Exacerbates Epidemic of Ped-Ped Crashes (Transpo Nation)

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  • Looks like Walder is trying to be Governor Walker of the MTA!

  • Larry Littlefield

    Well, the ped bedlam link did not work.

    But I do think the traffic safety data, which some believe will tar bicycles and some believe will exonerate them, will be without a full perspective if it does not include public right of way injuries due to trips and falls.

    Just compare these two sentences.

    “Last year 50 pedestrians went to the hospital as a result of collisions with bicycles.”

    “Last year 50 pedestrians went to the hospital due to collisions with bicycles, and 5,000 went to the hospital as a result of bumping into other pedestrians or falling down on their own.”

  • vnm

    The Yankees, who contributed exactly $0 to help build the new Metro-North station that is feeding fans to their games in a big way, tell Newsday they’re ready to help bail out the parking garages, if only the garage operator would ask for help.

  • Suzanne

    Don’t you mean “PEDlam”?


  • molly
  • molly
  • How about we close the BQE except for shuttle buses to a parking lot on Staten Island?

  • re: Ped Bedlam! New Yorkers’ Peppy Step Exacerbates Epidemic of Ped-Ped Crashes (Transpo Nation)

    Funny & on-topic; silliness of self-propulsion laws.

  • safetygirl

    pretty sure the pedlum stuff is a joke – at least that’s the way a bunch of us “safety” folks took it.

  • Brooklyn

    Cyclists are now receiving red light camera tickets:

  • With a crowdsourced grant, Kickstarter, & Amazon, @AlexSteffen starts today on his book on #netzerocities like netzeroNYC2020 Historic! Yay!

  • Cool Beanz

    The BQE tunnel idea was DOA. If the state can barely afford to tunnel a Second Avenue subway, they will not splurge to bury a road. Now, if we could convince them to make the road at grade ala West Side Highway, that would be the best of all worlds. Even better than tunneling.

    Regarding the bus garage, the Maspeth NIMBYs are making a weak argument. They say the city should look for a site in Brooklyn because they shouldn’t be burden by promises made in other parts of the city. Well, they are a part of same city, and the same transit system, so they share equal responsibility in making it function.

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