Weiner Alone Incurred One Eighth of Congress’s Unpaid Parking and Traffic Tix

This just in from the muckrakers at Roll Call: Of the $15,000+ in outstanding parking and traffic fines accumulated by members of Congress, more than $2,000 was owed by NYC’s Anthony Weiner alone, according to reporters’ survey of license plates and records.

Weiner promptly paid the fines after Roll Call informed him of the findings. As the local political reporters have been quick to point out today, New York’s contingent of parking scofflaw international diplomats may be feeling some schadenfreude at this moment. Weiner released a press release last year about their outstanding parking fines, saying, “It is insulting to all New Yorkers that countries like Yemen, Zimbabwe and Iran owe the City millions in unpaid parking tickets.”

You may now proceed to write punchlines to the set-up, “What’s the difference between Anthony Weiner and Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations?”

  • ddartley

    You say Weiner paid promptly. But with whose money, exactly?

  • I hate to defend Weiner, but this seems like the expected distribution given the layout of America. I mean, how many parking tickets could the woman representing Wyoming possibly get?

  • Stevenstien

    All of the tickets were issued in D.C.

  • Punchline

    When Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations returns to Tehran to run for Mayor, he won’t put out hypocritical press releases about foreign parking scofflaws.

  • Punchline

    Iran’s Ambassador to the UN only tweets pictures of his junk to four women, and none of them find it offensive.

  • One is secretly keeping weapons of mass destruction that may one day be unleashed upon unsuspecting Americans. The other is a UN ambassador. 

  • Anonymous

    Whoa. Weiner is not one out of eight members of Congress from NYC, he is much less than one out of eight Congresscritters from New York State, and he is one out of 538 Members of the House and Senate.

    So yeah, he may think he is entitled to park his ride without regard to any rules or regulations, unlike us common people, but he actually can’t even say “They all do it.” Because they don’t. The linked story suggests that Critters from more than a dozen states are involved, suggesting that Weiner was New York’s one and only offender on this list.


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