Today’s Headlines

  • Albany Reaches Budget Deal, Will Slash Education and Health, Cut Taxes on Rich (NYTCapTon)
  • Bloomberg Opposes Car-Free Parks, Claims Congestion Will Worsen (NY1)
  • Schumer Speaks on PPW Bike Lane: “I Am Not Commenting. I Am Not Commenting.” (NYT)
  • Hit Piece on PPW Bike Lane Fits Right In On Wall Street Journal Opinion Pages
  • Bus Driver Hits and Kills Cyclist Qi Yu Weng at Second and 96th (NYTPost)
  • Driver Exiting Queenboro Bridge Jumps Curb, Kills Man on Long Island City Sidewalk (News)
  • Taxi Driver Plows Into Columbus Circle Lenscrafters (DNAinfo)
  • Cuomo Team Hands Out 3,500 Parking Placards, Can’t Explain Why (Transpo Nation)
  • Restaurant Uses Kent Ave. Bike Lane for Valet Parking Under NYPD’s Watchful Eye (Gothamist)
  • Transportation Drives Revival of Connecticut’s Cities (WSJ)
  • Markowitz’s Three Full-Time Drivers Come Complete With Shady Ethics (Post)

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  • dporpentine

    Gotta love that Schumer is ready to decide whether people in Libya live or die–and is even willing to share his opinion about Anthony Weiner’s hair (–but he can’t bring himself to talk about the bike lane in front of his house. Because that’s, like, too intense.

  • m to the i

    Can anyone confirm if the extensions of the 1st and 2nd Avenue protected bicycle lanes up to 125th Street are on the schedule for this year? I know that this crash occurred in the second ave subway construction area but who knows if signs or sharrows would have saved this mans life from a bus that seems not to have passed safely.

  • M to the I

    A pedestrian was killed in queens by a driver who jumped the curb near the Queensboro/59th street/Koch Bridge. No word on charges but doubtful unless the driver was drunk.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Well you’ve managed to get the posse after Sentor Chuck on this one.

    I probably would not have done so, given that I’m married too and my wife and I wouldn’t want to be tarred with each other’s opinions in all cases. And better not to turn a frienemy into an enemy.

    Then again, Streetsblog is the only media source holding the powers that be accountable on any issue, pre-indictment.

  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    I happened by the Mayor Mike/Chuck/Every politician in NYC presser on the Census “under count”….Schumer was absolutely giddy about bicycling through Jackson Heights the day prior. Even before the event got started you could hear Schumer talking with the Mayor and Anthony Weiner about going for a bike ride yesterday.

    One thing you gotta say Chuck did right, he talked about how as he was biking that the streets were just crowded with people and how there was nothing but dense activity and business. That was his evidence that there was a massive undercount.

    Then Queens BP Helen Marshall took to the podium and said she spent 40 minutes circling around look for a parking spot – that was her evidence that the Census missed people, that there were so many people out and about.