Tomorrow: Join TSTC in Thanking the City for Making Streets Safer

To counter the full-tilt assault from the press and, as of yesterday, in the courts, the Tri-State Transportation Campaign will hold a rally Wednesday morning to thank Mayor Bloomberg and city transportation officials for making New York streets more accommodating to pedestrians, cyclists and bus riders.

On the steps of City Hall, TSTC will present the city with a thank-you card signed by over 1,700 people, and will read statements from New Yorkers who have benefited from street improvements brought about during the tenure of NYCDOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.

Care of TSTC’s Steven Higashide, Here’s how you can get involved:

Stand with us at 9 a.m. at City Hall.

Send in a brief story about how NYC’s pedestrian/cycling/transit improvements have personally affected you.

To submit your stories, to RSVP or to get more information about tomorrow’s event, e-mail Steven at

  • fdr

    It will be interesting to see what press coverage this gets.

  • Shemp

    It will likely not get any but sends a nice message to City Hall.

  • ladyperson

    Isn’t this in questionable taste? JSK used to be on TSTC’s board and her advisor John Orcutt used to be director. That’s too close for this well meaning thank you to be worth as much as it could. It could be seen by JSK opponents as rallying the troops. Why didn’t another group take the lead?

  • Thanks, Ben. Short stories are fine, by the way. If you’ve got two sentences on how a new bus lane or bike lane helps you get to work, that’s great!

  • Sorry, thanks to Ben and Brad, I mean!

  • I see nothing distasteful about this, ladyperson, and wouldn’t want any group to validate that innuendo by not participating or hiding their participation. If a group won’t act, it may as well disband; we can’t afford to have any transportation organizations sitting on the bench. Let another group organize another rally next week. Anything at 9am, I’m there. And I don’t have any past or present association with the commissioner. 🙂

    Were these people cringing about who used to be an advisor to what?

  • ladyperson

    Hi Nathan. JSK is under fire for bike lanes (and basically breathing), a DOT bike official is taking heat for emails about PPW, and this rally looks like damage control since it’s run by a group so closely associated with JSK. Seems like it leaves them open to criticism/unintended publicity. So I wish another group could have spearheaded it, so the message would stay strong and undiluted, is all. Or other groups should very quickly move to stand alongside. If TSTC stands alone/out on this it’ll likely be more fodder for anti-bikers.

  • The more the merrier; maybe some of these other groups will step up. In my opinion the turnout is more important than who’s organizing. Opponents would find a negative angle on Gandhi if he were standing up for bus and bicycle riders.

  • brook

    The card has been on TSTC’s website since December.

  • ladyperson

    Too true, Nathan!

  • Rich

    NRDC is proud to join everybody tomorrow. For more, check out my blog at


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