Thursday, March 10 Is CB6’s Prospect Park West Bike Lane Finale

I make no guarantees about the ultimate accuracy of this headline, but you’ve got to admit that next week’s Brooklyn Community Board 6 forum on the Prospect Park West redesign is shaping up to be a showstopper [PDF].

After all the rallies, surveys, Marcia Kramer segments, senatorial intrigue, threats of lawsuits, and mountains of data that have poured forth, you’d better make it out to the John Jay High School auditorium next Thursday to weigh in on a redesign that figured prominently in no fewer than three 2010 Streetsies (Best Bicycle Project, Biggest Demonstration Crowd, and NIMBYs of the Year).

Back in January, DOT presented its plan to install raised pedestrian medians on PPW, and CB6 invited people to ask the agency about all the data it’s collected on the project. This time, the community board is accepting public testimony.

You can tell two CB6 committees what you think of the new PPW and other street safety projects in the district. Here’s what they’re looking to discuss:

The Transportation and Public Safety/Environmental Protection/Permits & Licenses Committees of Brooklyn Community Board 6 will jointly conduct a Public Hearing on: (i) proposed modifications to the Prospect Park West bike lane configuration, as presented by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to the Brooklyn Community Board 6 Transportation Committee at a public meeting on January 20, 2011; (ii) other modifications that were suggested in responses to the community survey conducted in Fall 2010 by Council Members Lander and Levin and Brooklyn CB6, and; (iii) other issues concerning existing or proposed bike lanes within the Brooklyn CB6 district.

This is your chance to be heard and speak up for safer streets. The hearing starts next Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at 237 Seventh Avenue, between 4th and 5th Street. Get there a little early if you plan to speak.

  • Like Ben, I won’t even promise that this will be the final time any of us has to attend a meeting or hearing about Prospect Park West, but I am going to implore all of you who care about safer streets to attend this meeting and testify.

    PPW is the epicenter for this movement – please come out.

  • Eric, everyone: The agenda is to consider changes proposed by the Nibblers? How about the “good guys” answer with fire, by bringing their own proposed changes, such as WIDENING the two lanes in the bikeway?

    Also, the event is not on the streetsblog calendar yet.

  • I echo Eric’s plea and add that you should come even if you don’t live in the neighborhood. As much as NBBL seems to resist outsiders messing with “their” neighborhood, what Weinshall, Hainline, Steisel, & co. are trying to do on PPW will be a bellwether for the rest of the city.

    If this small group of NIMBYs has its way against a project that’s safe, effective, and hugely popular, then the future of all existing and proposed (and yet to be proposed) pedestrian and cycling safety projects will be in doubt.

    Be civil, be courteous, be constructive, but come.

  • Eric, everyone: The agenda is to consider changes proposed by the Nibblers? How about the “good guys” answer with fire, by bringing their own proposed changes, such as WIDENING the two lanes in the bikeway?

    Right on! But I would suggest a bikeway on Eighth Avenue instead – or maybe just returning the street to two-way flow. That thing is a death trap.

  • da

    I think the proposals up for discussion are the ones advanced by DOT at the Jan. presentation — rumble strips for the bike lanes, raised ped islands, etc.

    NOT the NBBL “proposals”.

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