Today’s Headlines

  • Oil Prices Spike, Stocks Tumble as Absolutist Regimes Wobble in Middle East (NYT)
  • Police Brutalize Bronx Teenager For Riding Bike on Sidewalk (NewsPost)
  • Start Your Day Off Crazy With Steve Cuozzo’s Latest 34th Street Rant (Post)
  • Brooklyn Brewery Owner: “Safe Streets” Isn’t An Abstraction, It’s Hundreds of Lives Saved (News)
  • Brooklyn Paper Rehashes Latest Marcia Kramer PPW Hit Job
  • Before Trying to Undo PPW Redesign, NBBL Member Fought for Right to Double-Park (Brooklyn Spoke)
  • State Gets Green Kudos For Spending Stimulus on Transit and Fix-It-First Projects (Times Union)
  • New Jersey Budget Offers Transpo Funding Increase, With Buses the Priority (Transpo Nation)
  • Midtown Residents Want Charter Buses Off Streets, in New Parking Lots (DNAinfo)
  • “Sidewalk Rage” Newest Media-Hyped Fear (Though Adding More Ped Space Would Help) (1010WINS)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    There are motor vehicles in bike lanes all over the city. Perhaps those should be removed too.

    I don’t think the problem here according to NBBL is that three motor vehicles took the bike lane in ten months, or whatever it was. The problem is that there were only three motor vehicles in the bike lane, and too many bikes in the bike lane.

  • Larry, its simpler than that, even. The problem according to the so-called “Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes” is that there is a bike lane.

    They run into an issue with the “too many bikes” argument since it contradicts their “nobody’s using it” line.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Well here’s progress. NBBL seems prepared to concede that their solution for northbound travel is to force cyclists to ride up 8th Avenue.

    “In a statement the groups wrote that while they would prefer to move the lanes within Prospect Park West, they would settle for changing the current two-way, parking-protected lane to a simple one-way bike lane headed south on Prospect Park West with the direction of traffic. They noted that Brooklyn Community Board 6 originally approved a one-way bike lane for the boulevard back in 2007, along with a northbound lane for Eighth Avenue.”

    Someone should take a video of a bike ride up 8th Avenue at 8 am or so, with the statement that if you middle school child wants to get around by bicycle, this is how NBBL demands that they do it. I’d like to see Marcia Kramer ride up that street on a bicycle.

  • “Progress.” “Concede.” “Solution.” Thanks for using the NBBL code words!

    In reality, we want to change the current configuration to an unprotected bike lane moving with traffic, so that it’s just two lines of paint next to the door zone. We want to park our cars next to the curb and have three lanes of traffic!

  • ddartley

    On vacation, so not counting red light-running cars during my commute, but a quick sample from a non-commuting day: yesterday while walking to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, I saw one guy pulling the old left-on-red. Didn’t even slow down as he made the long approach through the long-red light on Fulton street and made his left turn through the big intersection with Throop. I’ll resume my commute count on Friday, or maybe Monday.

  • This whole PPW thing should come to a close in about a month or so, when temperatures are high enough that the bike lane is full of bikes….and gas is at $3.50

  • Larry Littlefield

    Looking forward to my Senator’s Sunday nighter accusing the oil companies of inflating the price of oil. And the Republican rebuttal that it’s all the fault of bicycle riding environmentalists.

  • NYPD officers who beat cyclists should be fired.

    Into the sun.