Today’s Headlines

  • Chuck Schumer Lobbying Against PPW Bike Lane Behind the Scenes (Post)
  • Wealthy PPW Foes Get Pro Bono Help From White Shoe Law Firm, Expected to Sue (Transpo Nation 12)
  • From Historic Low, NYC Traffic Deaths Rose 4.3 Percent in 2010 (NYT)
  • Error-Riddled Daily News Editorial Accuses Sadik-Khan of Operating in Secret
  • NJ Senators, Amtrak Announce New Hudson Tunnel Plan: Less Capacity, Higher Cost (Transpo Nation)
  • Avella, Weprin and Markowitz Already Organizing Against Congestion Pricing Revival (News)
  • Drunk Driver Kills 80-Year-Old Maria Prikul in Bath Beach, Dragging Her For a Block (PostNews)
  • Hit-And-Run Driver Breaks Leg of Zyaire Felder, Age 7, on Sidewalk-Less Staten Island Street (Advance)
  • UWS: Rear-Ended Taxi Jumps Curb, Hits Two Pedestrians Before Ending in Bank Lobby (PostNews)
  • Eastern Parkway Reconstruction, Including Bike/Ped-Friendly Median, May Start in Spring (Brownstoner)
  • The Observer’s Matt Chaban Nails It: “Marty Mocks Bikes While People Perish”

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  • kevd

    I my friggin’ God.
    An objective article in the Post about the PPW bike lane?

  • Glenn

    Sen. Schumer should be very careful. He’s going to lose a significant chunk of his base in his own neighborhood. And for what? It can only be MONEY

  • J

    You missed one about how the city plans to change Columbus Ave to add back parking. Part of it sounds great, fixing muni-meters so you can’t park during loading hours, adjusting loading hours, etc. They’ll also ban left turns at certain locations. I generally think this is a bad idea, as when people try to make the left turn anyway, they won’t be expecting bikes to appear from behind the parked cars.

  • kevd

    “Oh” my friggin’ God.
    New rule. No more commenting before coffee.

  • Mike

    You forgot this gem from our favorite, CBS:

    Lack Of Parking Destroying Columbus Avenue Business

  • The Anti-Weinshall

    Glenn, I’m guessing it’s less about money for Schumer, and more about getting some from his wife.

  • Lois Carsbad

    You car haters have it all wrong about my neighbor Chuck Schumer! Don’t you want politicians to make decisions based on what is right, not on what the polls say? It’s clear that the senator isn’t paying attention to surveys that show that 90% of his constituents are in favor of keeping the new street design in place.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Lawsuit. Just as I could predict from the way Steisel was carrying on at that meeting you folks encouraged me to go to. There was no other possible explanation for the nonsense he was spouting.

    In their world, a four year process starting with a neigborhood group and going through the community board is NOT community participation.

    And actual before and after data is NOT relevant to the measurement of a change in the built environment. Only a before the fact model based on assumptions twisted to the desired result. Like those used for an EIS.

    These are NOT novel concepts just invented to oppose the bike lane. It’s the game as it was played when they were players.

    Anyhow, I showed up at 3 pm yesterday to shovel the Prospect Park West bike lane snow barricade. And it was gone.

  • re: “Eastern Parkway Reconstruction, Including Bike/Ped-Friendly Median, May Start in Spring (Brownstoner)”

    These medians are great places to do recumbent bikeshares with some advanced hybrid human-electric ones as well as long as safety can be maintained with turning cars.

    Really good for long runs.

  • fdr

    Can you specify the errors in the “error-riddled” Daily News editorial?

  • eveostay

    Contact Schumer:

    Re: Lawsuit. Well, what are the chances of it succeeding? Is there any precedent of a lawsuit over street design in NYC?

    The news over the weekend implied that NBBL had requested more data from the DOT and got blown off. Doesn’t that imply that DOT feels itself in a strong position?

  • Larry, you apparently have amazing powers! I suggest you plan to show up tomorrow at 3 p.m. to shovel the “Neighbors for Banning Bike Lanes.”

    Seriously, though, thanks for making the effort. I’d be up for that kind of citizen action in the future, as long as my back holds out.

  • Brooklyn Spoke has a nice dismantling of that ridiculous CBS story on Columbus Avenue.

  • re: Chuck Schumer Lobbying Against PPW Bike Lane Behind the Scenes (Post)

    “the Senator from Wall Street” mentioned in recent Atlantic article “The Rise of the New Global Elite”

    “Yet when the finanical-reform bill came to the Senate last spring — a political tussle in which each side furiously accused the other of carrying water for the banks — on Wall Street, Schumer was called the “invisible man” for his uncharacteristic silence on the issue.”

    Could it have been something to do with the removal of banking regulations that precipitated the financial meltdown?

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Re: Lawsuit. Well, what are the chances of it succeeding? Is there any precedent of a lawsuit over street design in NYC?”

    In general, these kinds of lawsuit are never “won” but you try to win by delay. You get an injunction, and the developer (they are usually against changes on private land), stall as long as possible, and the developer ends up being crushed by carrying costs until they agree to pay off those who filed the lawsuit.

    In this case, the bike lane is already there, so they would need an injunction that requires its removal until the lawsuit is settled, followed by a stall — which would be one hell of a precedent. But that’s what they will go to.

    It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, only if there is an injunction. I think they are counting of the fact that judges are basically appointed by the machine in Brooklyn.

  • eveostay

    Thanks, Larry. Yeah, what I really meant was can they get the bike lane removed. I guess all we can really do is hope for a reasonable judge.

  • vnm

    This Daily News article about the Columbus Avenue protected bike lane begins this way:

    Manhattan – once again – seems to have something the other boroughs don’t: A bike lane compromise. While nasty wars are brewing in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx over the special lanes, Manhattan pols boasted Sunday that they’ve found a way to agree.

    Did I miss something? What nasty bike lane wars are there in the Bronx or Queens?

  • Moocow

    A reasonable judge and loud, positive public sentiment? Would that matter at this level?

    I went out around 2 yesterday, also found the pile of snow gone, but I cleared the plates of ice that extended into the paths. I found it entertaining having runners get annoyed with me because I was in their way while shoveling the bike path.
    I researched how to contact you Larry, but couldn’t find an email.
    One thing I found at the DOT hearing in January, a bunch of like minded and motivated bikers are on twittering lime mad. If you search PPW, NBBL or Naparstek, that will tie you into even more up to the minute info. And we streetsblogers could better organize meeting up in the future.
    I am bklynbiker.

  • Jabir

    Really annoying how the NBBLers are characterizing the PPW bike lane as a “cram-down”. It’s as if CB6, the Park Slope Civic Council, Park Slope Neighbors, and the hundreds of supporters who’ve cared enough to sign petitions and attend rallies don’t even exist.

  • BicyclesOnly

    The NBBLRs would probably have to show ongoing irreparable harm to justify an order ripping out the PPW path. Their strongest claims for environmental impact would be that the path significantly detracts from the historic and social character of PPW. Those “harmful impacts,” assuming they exist, would be “repaired” by ripping out the lane at the end of the lawsuit, meaninging any current harm is not irrepararble.

    Even if NBBL’s suit lands in front of one of Marty’s and Norman’s buddies who’ve been given a seat on the bench, it’s gonna be really, really hard to justify issuing an order to tear it out at the front end of the lawsuit. And even if such an order is granted, I believe the city government is entitled to delay the enforcement of the order until all appeals have been exhausted. So it could be years before an order to rip it out during the pendency of the lawsuit, however improbable such an order would be, could be enforced.

  • The Anti-Weinshall

    Marty shows once again what an upstanding and aboveboard public servant he is, not at all interested on furthering his own agenda.

  • Chris

    @The Anti

    Maybe Marty can hook up the people planning the lawsuit against PPW with a freebie?