Today’s Headlines

  • Walmart Courts Construction Unions, Won’t Show for Today’s Council Hearing (News, Crain’s, Post)
  • Diane Savino Mocks MTA for Exploring Subway Platform Safety “Nonsense” (Transpo Nation, Advance)
  • TSTC Analyzes Cuomo Budget Impact on City, State Transportation (MTR)
  • Imagine: Top D.C. Cop Says Photo Enforcement Should Change the Way Drivers Think (TBD)
  • Restaurateur Hopes Columbia St. Greenway Will Reconnect Business Severed by Car Traffic (Post)
  • Myrtle Ave. Ped Plaza Plan Evolves (B’stoner); Kurt Andersen Pitches Carroll Court Piazza (Bklyn Paper)
  • Daily News Fails to Explain How Mentally Ill Man Managed to Drive Away With Garbage Truck
  • Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, ADA Pioneer, Says City Cabs Should Accommodate Wheelchairs (News, NY1)
  • Next-Gen Bike-Share Tech Aimed at Meeting Real-Time Demand (Autopia)
  • Bicycle Habitat’s Charles McCorkell to Critics of Safer Streets: It’s Not About You

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  • “Last year, eight express bus routes and eight local bus routes were eliminated or reduced in my district,” argued Ms. Savino, “along with the M train downtown extension into Bensonhurst and Dyker Heights. Restoration of those routes should be the first discussion instead of spending additional monies on some harebrained notion like this.”

    And yet in 2008, knowing full well that the MTA was headed for service cuts, Savino was perfectly willing to spend millions to widen the Staten Island Expressway and turn Richmond Terrace into a speedway.

  • I came here to say what the Cap’n just said. Let me instead add that Savino is a dodo.

  • Bill from Brooklyn

    Ms. Savino is very much the representative for the municipal unions like TWU. It is not surprising that she would oppose this development, since it potentially could lead to a reduction in the number of conductors.

  • Glenn

    Anyone notice how the Egyptian police are using fast moving vans to plow through crowds of pedestrians as a tactic in intimidating the protesters. Why? Same reason traffic crashes are treated less aggressively than gun shots. One could be an “accident”, the other is “homicide/attempted homicide”. As for the horses and camels…

  • Curly Suze

    @ Glenn: persactly. “Oops, your honor, I didn’t see him/her/them” seems to stand up in court just fine. “Oops, I didn’t see that cyclist parked on the shoulder” seems to justify not being in control of a few tonnes of fast-moving metal .. “oops, I don’t know how my van ended up on someone’s lawn and running people over” .. “oops, I saw nothing in front/behind of my dump truck just before the truck hit them”.

    The US legal system has paved the way for this sort of abuse, sorry 🙁

  • How To Live the Winter Bicycling Dream : TreeHugger via @TreeHugger

  • Big Five Oil Companies near $1 Trillion in profits for decade, but rely on 100 year-old subsidies to sell $100 oil

  • Ian Turner

    Regarding the Wired Autopia article, it seems to me it would be easier to just give a cash incentive to people who rent bikes from almost-full stations and/or return them to almost-empty ones. Start the incentive at your own trucking cost, and let the free market loose. Of course, the goal would be to find an incentive price that is both adequately high and yet lower than the internal trucking cost.

  • Indeed, returning bicycles to uphill stations could be a small source of income for people who need it. Like bottle deposit return, but less noisy and actually productive.