Today’s Headlines

  • DOT Releases Even More PPW Data: Redesigned Street Serves More Total Commuters (Transpo Nation)
  • Madison Ave Killer Gets Summons Only For Technicalities, While Police Blame Victim For iPod (News)
  • Cuomo Must Choose Between Maintaining Transit and No New Revenue Pledge (Gotham Gazette)
  • East Bronx Wants To Be City’s First 20 MPH Zone (News)
  • Boro Park Ambulances, Businesses Continue Barrage Against Safe Streets For Seniors (News)
  • It’s Still The City’s Best Deal, But Parking Meter Rate Hike Draws Bronx Motorists’ Ire (News)
  • Ikea Gives Employees Free Bikes, Remains Opposed to Red Hook Lane (Bklyn Paper)
  • Staten Island Cyclists Urge Greenway Improvements to Compensate For Father Capodanno Lane (NY1)
  • Upper Manhattan CB 12 Delays Bike Lane Discussion, Says Winter Date Unfair to Elderly (DNAinfo)
  • Responsive MTA Tweaks East Side SBS Based on Rider Feedback (DNAinfo)
  • Get Ready to Take The Ed Koch Bridge Bike Lane, Avoid Hugh Carey Tunnel Traffic (NYT)

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  • Sadly, Madison Avenue wasn’t the only place in New York City where a pedestrian got run down and killed yesterday:

    Since Carmen Morales’s death appears to be a case of failure to yield, surely we can expect charges, right?

    Good thing the City Council is holding a hearing on bicycling tomorrow.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I was always mindful and careful, but since I’ve been readnig this blog the possiblity that I might kill someone while driving has been even more in the back of my mind. It’s a different attitude than just driving defensively — overyielding so that other driver doesn’t hit you.

  • Streetsman

    It’s absurd and outrageous that they are blaming a guy for getting run over by a truck going backwards through a crosswalk because he was wearing an iPod. Would they blame him if he was deaf?

  • Excellent press hit, Meredith & friends from T.A. Staten Island!

  • The old names seem more meaningful:
    The Queensboro Bridge goes to the borough of Queens.
    The Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel goes between Brooklyn and the Battery.
    The Triborough Bridge goes between three boroughs.
    But the Koch and Kennedy Bridges and Carey Tunnel tell you nothing.

  • m to the i
  • Eric McClure

    With a giant deficit and the MTA in need of billions to balance its books, it really is critical that we expend scarce funds to new signs for bridges and tunnels after Ed Koch and Hugh Carey.


  • Eric McClure

    “…to create new signs…”

  • fdr

    “But the Koch and Kennedy Bridges and Carey Tunnel tell you nothing.” The George Washington Bridge and Lincoln Tunnel names don’t tell you where they’re going either. According to the Times article it will be called the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge.

  • Marco

    Y’know, I haven’t really seen anybody get specific about it, so I’m not positive, but I think the truck on Madison Ave was a dumpster delivery truck, not a “dump truck” per se. They always back in to place the dumpsters, which is what may have happened here.

    We’ve had some feedback in the comments about trucks “never” being allowed to back up, which might be unreasonable in the case of this specific type of application. Maybe the right thing is to mandate a two-man team for these trucks, with one person responsible for being on the street and making sure everything goes down safely. Probably would have saved this guy’s life if this was a dumpster delivery.

  • Marco

    Oops – my bad. Looks like the latest article says that it actually was a dumpster delivery. Point still stands, tho.

  • Marco,

    The photo with yesterday’s story, while obviously after the fact, show no vehicles parked along Madison Avenue near the truck or Jason King’s body. If that were the case when it happened, the driver would not have had to back up to drop the dumpster. He would have just pulled in going forward, gotten in position, and deployed it. And police said that the driver dragged Mr. King for 30 feet.

  • tom

    William Shea said, and I will try to remember it right, that he wouldn’t be cold in his grave before they take his name off that stadium. He knew the value of this honor.

    My favorite, of course, is the Outerbridge Crossing. Named for Mr. Outerbridge, Port Authority’s original chairman, and not because it happened to be the outermost bridge in NYC.

  • You know what we need?

    “Walking Rules!” for NYC

    – Look both ways when you cross the street, even if it is one way
    – Don’t cross streets against the light
    – Don’t jaywalk
    – Keep at least one ear head-phone-free so you can be aware of traffic
    – Wear bright lights when walking after dark, or early in the morning
    – Yield to others who encroach upon pedestrian spaces when they are bigger
    – Walk at the speed of other pedestrian traffic
    – Always carry ID in case you die for some reason

    How about it TA?

    Sorry to be so cynical. My sympathies go to Jason King’s family and friends.

    And my utter, bitter rage towards Ray Kelly and his boss.