Today’s Headlines

  • Paterson’s Last Budget Battle Is On. Will Transit Riders Lose Out? (NYT)
  • Bronx Delivery Man Struck and Killed While Crossing Riverdale Ave; No Charges Filed (News)
  • Livery Driver With Texting History Critically Injures Tourist in Midtown (Gothamist)
  • Jay Walder Talks Labor Relations and Unorthodox Revenue Sources (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Whole Foods Revises Store Plan for Brooklyn’s Third Ave, Without Quite So Much Parking (Post)
  • Three City Council Committees – But Not Transpo or Land Use – Will Hold Wal-Mart Hearing (Crain’s)
  • City Planning Unveils Rezoning to “Protect” Large Swath of Low-Rise Jamaica (Post)
  • 20’s Plenty Activist Rod King Tours the Lower East Side With the New Yorker
  • NYPD Busts Brooklyn Rabbi for Not Making It All the Way Across Kings Highway in One Cycle (Post)
  • To Relieve Bike Congestion, Copenhagen Will Build Bicycle Highways (AFP)

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  • vnm

    Horrific photo and great video go along with this Daily News report about fatal speeding and reckless driving on North Conduit Avenue. Photo in the print edition was actually worse, if anyone cares to turn to pp. 12-13. Then there’s this story about a drag-racing fatality on Ocean Avenue. Vehicular manslaughter charges filed.

  • re: “NYPD Busts Brooklyn Rabbi for Not Making It All the Way Across Kings Highway in One Cycle (Post)”

    My favorite funny fantasy would be a bright yellow recumbent trike bikeshare along the protected bikeway on Brooklyn’s Ocean Parkway!

  • Re: Livery Driver with Texting History —

    “”They both had the light. She was crossing the crosswalk, but he was making a left-hand turn when he it her.”

    Yeah, they both technically “had the light,” but the victim had the right of way. Subpoena the driver’s cell phone records.