Today’s Headlines

  • Reverse Commuting Helps Metro-North Ridership Overtake LIRR for First Time (WSJ)
  • More on Lander’s Defense of Boro Park Safe Routes for Seniors: ‘It Could Be Your Bubbe’ (Transpo Nation)
  • Access-A-Ride Cuts Add to Already Inaccessible Subways and Taxis (Gotham Gazette)
  • Conservative Party Blasts Toll Hike, Doesn’t Seem to Have Even Noticed Transit Cuts (Daily Politics)
  • Dollar Van Drivers Accused of Cutting Down Bus Stop Signs (News)
  • Racial Slur Stops Work at Queens Bus Depot (News)
  • Strike Fear Into the Hearts of Men, Drive a Used Parking Enforcement Vehicle (WSJ)
  • Without ARC, What’s NJ Transit Working On Instead? (Star-Ledger)
  • Connecticut Moves Forward on a Second Urban Highway Teardown (Courant)

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  • Moocow

    Hey bikers, a co-worker of mine was crossing the 59th st bridge around 630-640 this morning, and was attacked.
    From what we know he was on the bridge, got his jaw broken, and has teeth knocked out. He is in surgery now. The perps took his bike, wallet and phone.
    When I learn more I will pass it along.
    Ride safe.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I’d like to hear Sean Sweeney’s take on this one.

    “As SoHo’s iron-boned, sprawling lofts became gold mines over the past two decades, co-op boards, banks, brokers and the city itself winked at a rule requiring that they be reserved for working artists.”

    “But over the last year or so, something odd began to occur: people started paying attention to the rule.”

    “Apartments, even those in buildings with the prestige of famous residents, have languished on the market. Banks began withholding mortgages. Co-op boards began ordering residents to apply to the city for certification as artists.”

    “And last year, for the first time anyone could remember, the city rejected as many applications as it approved, in a cryptic process that mystifies those who have gone through it.”

  • Moocow

    The attack on the bridge was apparently an emotionally disturbed person, and he took just the bike. It’s sad, and painful, but much less malicious.

  • Moocow
    I’ve often worried about safety on bridges late at night and early in the morning. It’s like riding a mile long cattle chute with nowhere to go if the need arises.

  • Chris Mcnally

    hey i have an idea, how about bridge bike pool!? If it’s late, or very early, dark, or not many commuters, wait at the bottom for another cyclist and say, Will you ride the bridge with me I hate riding it alone at night. You could also ride together without saying anything, but if they are fast you might not be able to keep up.