Today’s Headlines

  • As Yankee Stadium Garages Try to Avoid Default, BP Diaz Urges Redevelopment Instead (News)
  • Cuomo’s Green Agenda Praises Transit, Suggests Smart Growth Grant Program (Transpo Nation)
  • Brian Lehrer Show Asks What Election Means For Transit, Whether MTA Should Be Abolished (WNYC)
  • Can New York Afford to Keep Queens Suburban? (Observer)
  • Even With $8,600 In Tickets, Government Officials Can’t Be Towed (News)
  • …But Bloomberg Promises To End Perk (News)
  • Fare Enforcement Starts on East Side SBS, With 40 Tickets a Day (News)
  • Pedestrian Killed in Jackson Heights Hit-And-Run Sunday Night (News)
  • Carmen Huertas, Who Killed Leandra Rosado, Sentenced to 4-12 Years In Prison (WCBS)
  • Van Speeds Through Yellow Light, Seriously Injures 16-Year-Old In Dyker Heights (News)
  • Resident Pushes Safety Fix For Prospect Heights Intersection, Gets DOT Sit-Down (Bklyn Paper)
  • MTA Staff Remove Anti-Walder Graffiti From City Sidewalks (News)

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  • vnm

    Turning any number of underused Yankee Stadium parking lots into high density housing sites would be the perfect solution for a transit-rich area.

  • Streetsman


    Van Driver Speeds Through Yellow Light, Seriously Injures 16-Year-Old In Dyker Heights

  • Anon

    The new Yankee Stadium took the place of a well-used public park. The parkland was partially “replaced” by putting recreational spaces on top of the garages. The excess garages should be removed, with ground-level parks restored. The neighborhood does not need even more population without real green spaces for people to relax and exercise. There should be a real City park with trees in the soil, managed by the Parks Dept and not some semi-private “Conservancy” or “Development Authority” run by EDC.

  • Bolwerk

    Re the Queens suburban article, I see little excuse for saying six or so stories, without parking should ever be ruled out in New York, especially within a half mile of a subway line. Our city council is stupid and cretinous.

  • Boris

    “The Department of City Planning sees this as a balancing act, a challenging one at that, to create a fine-grained map for the future development of the city.”

    It’s a balancing act with someone’s whole arm firmly pushing down on the side of suburbanization.

  • I saw a police tow truck hit a salmoning cyclist in 2001 at the intersection of Washington and Atlantic Avenues. I think the victim punctured a lung in the crash; I had my EMT gear with me and stopped to help. Glad to see that spot getting some attention.