Today’s Headlines

  • Bike Bedlam” Actually Helpful? City To Start Tracking Bike/Ped Collisions (CBS 2)
  • Hundreds Expected On Both Sides of Prospect Park West Rally (News)
  • Brooklyn Paper Editorial Serves Up Common Sense On Henry Street, PPW Bike Lanes
  • … And Their Editorial Cartoon Is Worth 1,000 Words (Bklyn Paper)
  • Feds Can’t Reform Transportation Alone, Need State and Local Cooperation (MTR)
  • More On City’s $1M Critical Mass Settlement (WNYC)
  • Long Island Father Killed in Hit-And-Run While Leaving Bible Study (CBS 2)
  • Emilie Gossiau, Cyclist Hit By Improperly Licensed Trucker, Will Recover After Year of Rehab (Gothamist)
  • Astoria Restaurants Claim Public Curb For Private Valet Service (News)
  • Meanwhile, Astoria CB Approves Closing Block of 36th Street To Lease to TV Studio (News)

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  • Just got back from the PPW scene. Crowd estimates: 300-400 pro, 75 anti. Pictures coming soon, with some video from Elizabeth Press later today.

  • Larry Littlefield

    One of the anti’s told me that they planned to solve my northbound problem to Grand Army Plaza (but not intermediate destinations) by getting the park closed to traffic and making bike traffic two-way. Which would be at least a partial solution.

    The problem is, I think that everyone in the entire city (or country) who would be both virulently opposed to the bike lane and in favor of closing the park to traffic was at that rally. So that isn’t going to happen.

  • Geck

    As nice as closing the park loop to car traffic would be, it does nothing to calm traffic on PPW, which is where this all started.

    It is also of limited utility to those of us who use the lane for shorter distances, for which the park loop provides no access.

    But as Larry suggests, it would be amusing to see the Park Slope anti-bike lane crowd take on the south of the park anti-car free Prospect Park crowd.

  • What fun! Here’s the rough video for those who can’t wait!

  • J. Mork

    Great job turning people out, SB and PSN!

    Yeah, I use the lane to take the kid to school on 8th Street. The park wouldn’t help me at all, since there’s no exit on 8th St.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Here’s an article you missed.

    “Millions of transit riders face even bigger fare hikes and additional service cuts if the next governor doesn’t increase funding, a report coming out Thursday warns,” something neither candidate for Governor agrees to do.

    “The report contends the state put the MTA on a disastrous course in the early 1990s when it ended direct contributions to construction and maintenance.”

    “The MTA went on a massive borrowing spree to fill the void, compiling $31 billion in debt. Payments on that debt will hit $2.1 billion next year – and could be as high as $3.5 billion a year by 2020, the report says.”

    This article perhaps explains some of the decisions.

    “Here’s one possible reason why New York’s finances are such a mess: Some 15% of all 212 state lawmakers are carrying more than $5,000 in credit card debt.”

    “A Daily News review of the latest financial disclosure forms found that 31 lawmakers have significant debt. They reported having a combined 71 credit cards with a minimum total of $355,000.”

    “Nearly two dozen other lawmakers reported having personal loans, lines of credit and other outstanding liabilities of more than $5,000 last year. The liabilities don’t include mortgages or car loans.”

    I guess you can’t say they are hypocrites. Over the course of two decades I became disturbed, then alarmed, then outraged that the pols were selling out our collective future. Little did I know, until the recent financial crisis, that millions of Americans were selling out their own personal futures to an unprecedented extent, including many of the pols themselves.

    Those SUVs weren’t cheap.

  • J. Mork
  • Climate Progress
    What role have Justices Scalia and Thomas played in the Koch money machine? –

    What part does Koch money play in New York City politics?

  • fdr

    From the Daily News PPW article:

    “A spokesman for Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), who lives on Prospect Park West with his wife, former city Department of Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall, said Schumer had not taken a position on the bike lane.

    Weinshall has told critics she is “strongly opposed” to the bike lane. She hung up on a News reporter who called yesterday to ask if she would attend the rally.”

    Iris is as charming as ever.

  • Climate Progress
    New study puts the ‘hell’ in Hell and High Water –

  • Climate Progress
    $415 billion in assets say NO on Prop 23 –

    No on Prop 23.

    And, when will this New York City start providing the fertile environment for this type of venture capital?

  • Climate Progress
    MEMO: Health insurance, banking, oil industries met with Koch, Chamber, Glenn Beck to plot 2010 election –

    Oh, these wonderful members of New York’s polite society.

  • Peter Engel

    Me thinks with Senator Chucky told wife Iris to put a cork in it. He’s got enough problems with likely Nov. 2 Dem Senate losses. I didn’t see her today. Did anyone else?

    Great event — thanks to Streetsblog, TA Brooklyn, Park Slope Civic Council, Eric McClure and everyone who came out today.

  • “Weinshall has told critics she is “strongly opposed” to the bike lane. She hung up on a News reporter who called yesterday to ask if she would attend the rally.”

    Ms. Weinshall’s demeanor throughout this debate, whether by proxy or in her interactions with the press, really seem unbecoming a former DOT commissioner, Vice Chancellor at CUNY and the wife of a US Senator. One might hope someone with her expertise would be able to offer some constructive input. Instead she comes off as some kind of bitter bourgeoisie crank.

  • fdr

    I don’t know about the bourgeoisie part, but a bitter crank, definitely.

  • EnvDefenseFund EDF
    Prop 26?s Dirty Backers Flee From Political Poison Of Prop 23: #Prop26 #Prop23 #AB32

  • Iris as DOT Commissioner was a carpet tack in the bicycle wheel of progress.

  • Obama humor: A Modern U.S. President

  • climatehawks @ Will @BarackObama become a #climatehawk and protect America from the dangerous #climate crisis?