Today’s Headlines

  • Off-Duty Cop Points Gun at Cyclist Through Car Window After Nearly Hitting Him (NewsPost)
  • Final Two Designs for Tappan Zee Have Rail, Bus, Bike/Ped Lanes, But Still No Funding In Sight (LoHud)
  • Lew Fidler Caught Red-Handed Abusing Parking Placard (Post)
  • Poll: 22 Percent of New Yorkers Would Solve Budget Crisis By Cutting Transportation (NYT)
  • Bklyn Paper Isn’t Buying Millman’s Line That Sanctioned Bike Lane Blocking Is a “Compromise”
  • Fire Trucks in Hundreds of Crashes Each Year, Prompting FDNY Action (Post)
  • Bloomberg’s Waterfront Plans Shift From Housing To Greenways, Ferries, and Industry (WSJ)
  • Why Does Infrastructure Always Go Over Budget? (WSJ)
  • Pelham Parkway Trees Safe For a Little Longer (News)
  • Are SBS’s Flashing Blue Lights Illegal? (News)
  • “Build A Better Burb” Exhibit Showcases New Visions For Long Island (NYT)

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  • Shemp

    Great job Pete Donohue – taking cues from crabby wack-jobs to try to find more mud to sling at Select Bus. What’s next, interviewing all the certifiable types who show up at NYMTC meetings or every session of the MTA board?

  • Glenn

    So what happened this Sunday at the Brooklyn Heights church?

    I’m all for cutting wasteful highway spending to save the state money. Just give each locality a lump sum for them to do whatever they want with the money and see if it gets spent on highways for those just passing through and not really adding to the economy of that area.

  • The LoHud article is a little misleading. All the Tappan Zee documents I’ve seen have had high occupancy/toll lanes, not exclusive bus lanes.

  • RE: Tappan Zee. I like design with the lower-deck for trains because it looks like the second lower deck could have an additional 2 tracks. Why would you want to build a train line without 4 tracks?

  • J

    Someone made a really good point. If parking is legal between 10:30pm and 1pm, get some friends, and occupy that space so the church can’t use it. Go for the civil disobedience; maybe get arrested, but the law is without a doubt on the side of bikers. It simply can’t be official policy to set aside public space for church group and the bike laws are clearly against this “compromise”. Hopefully this will end up in court, since there the law will be enforced correctly.

  • Jay

    I hope IAB does a quality job investigating this allegation against the police officer threatning a bicyclist, after nearly hitting him.

    Perhaps they can start with the facts that are easy to establish. According to the cyclist, he tapped on “the heavily tinted driver’s side window.” They have the vehicle, so confirming this detail is simply and unquestionable. If the cyclist is correct about this detail, we already know the officer is guilty of breaking the law, since tinted front windows are themselves illegal.

    If they establish he has, in fact, been breaking the law with his vehicle, it should be much easier to begin unraveling the rest of his story.

  • Larry Littlefield

    There is a quote from an article cited last week on London’s bike sharing program I’d like to call attention to.

    “The scheme could never deal with commuters from railway hubs like Victoria or Waterloo. “We could never cope with that level of demand. We would need docking stations the size of five football pitches.”

    If New York City is to have bike sharing, that’s where it should go first — Grand Central, Penn, the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Atlantic Terminal, the Staten Island Ferry terminal.

    Note New Jerseyans saying ARC isn’t good because it doesn’t go to Grand Central. How long does it take to get from Penn Station to the Grand Central area on a bike?

  • Oh, Lew, who’d have imagined that your opposition to progressive transit developments was rooted in self-interest?

  • Jay


    I’m not sure I follow your comment. As you noted, he said “We would need docking stations the size of five football pitches.”

    How would you find room for something like that around Penn Station?

  • Larry Littlefield

    “How would you find room for something like that around Penn Station?”

    Well, there is that “plaza” area between MSG and the Felt Forum. And perhaps some room could be made for bikes at Moynihan Station.

    At Grand Central, since they are building a whole new station for the LIRR, perhaps they could use the space occupied by a couple of unused existing tracks for a large bike parking area. Same at Atlantic Terminal.

    The point is, they are worried there won’t be enough demand for shared bikes in NYC. Here you have someone with a system up and operating identifying the points of max demand. So if we are going to do it, let start there.