Anyone Park Your Bike on Vanderbilt Ave This Weekend?

If you did and you woke up on Sunday to find your tires shredded, you can find the backstory on the Brooklynian forum. Apparently, a misanthropic type went on a bike tire slashing spree Saturday night along Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights. A witness reports seeing “an older man in a hooded sweatshirt, looking like a Jawa, stealthily slashing each bike as he passed” before entering St. Joseph’s Apartments on Dean Street.

In other news, we recently heard from a reader that bike owners can get a pretty good deal on monthly parking at the garage on Underhill and St. Marks. With some haggling, you might be able to work out a price that beats Edison ParkFast’s $20/month rate.

  • Josh

    This story sucks; am I a bad person for laughing at “looking like a Jawa”?

  • flp

    i strongly recommend bringing your bike inside overnight. seriously. everyone can and should make room for their bike. there are many feasible solutions out there.

  • dporpentine

    Let’s spend two seconds imagining how people would respond if someone had slashed this many car tires . . .

  • tom murphy

    Dporpentine: Having had my car tires slashed, windows broken and side- mirrors smashed I and other car owners so victimized can and do empathize with these fellow victims.

  • J:Lai

    “Let’s spend two seconds imagining how people would respond if someone had slashed this many car tires . . .”

    I think about the same – the people who own the vehicle would be furious. People who park their vehicle on the same street but escaped damage would be upset that it happened. Everyone else would shrug.

    If you leave your property in the street, whether it is a car, a bike, or anything else, you risk having it damaged.

  • I think Dpoprentine intends to draw our attention to fact that a large number of people suffered identical serious acts of vandalism committed in a single spree. What would NYPD do if that happened to motorists? The motorists would go the local precinct (and turn out en masse to the local precinct’s monthly community council meeting) and demand a thorough investigation of all leads and increased patrols to help keep their property safe. They’d also bring the problem to their local Councilmember and community board.

    I hope the cyclists in this case will do those things, as well.

  • J:Lai

    BO – you may be right that car owners would do what you describe. But if the bike owners do the same thing, I think in this case both bike and car owners would get a very similar response from the NYPD (namely, not a whole lot.)
    Anyway, although I am usually the first to blame NYPD, in this case there is not much they can do unless people actually go to the precinct and file reports.

    Car owners may be more likely to take such action because the cost of replacing tires on a car is typically several times that of a bike.

  • Driver

    Even car owners have a tough time getting incidents of vandalism taken seriously by the police.,,0,0,,,,

  • Larry Littlefield

    I think if the economy stays the way it is, and if the dollar keeps dropping making imported goods and materials more expensive, today’s drivers might have reason to recall “This Car Has No Radio.”


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