Today’s Headlines

  • ARC’s Official Death Expected Tomorrow or Friday (Post)
  • Frank Lautenberg Still Trying to Save ARC, Urges Port Authority to Step Up (Transpo Nation)
  • After Decades of Sprawl, No More Room for NJ To Grow Horizontally (NYT)
  • Carl Paladino Wants to “Take Apart The MTA Piece By Piece,” Fire Jay Walder (Crain’s)
  • Flatbush Avenue Slated for Ped Plaza Safety Treatment From Atlantic to GAP (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Federal State-Of-Good-Repair Grants Help Region’s Transit Systems Get By a Tiny Bit More (MTR)
  • NYPD Transit Cops Can Now Hit 25 mph in Subway Stations. Feel Safer? (News)
  • NYPD Tells Tow Trucks to Focus on No Standing Zones, Not Unregistered Cars, Says Union (News)
  • Excessive Safety Bonuses for Contractors Cost MTA $722K (Post)
  • Sheepshead Bay Learns Putting Up a Sign Won’t Fix Livery Cab Double-Parking (YourNabe)

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  • J. Mork

    Flatbush: Yay, on-street parking for bikes!

    Paladino: Smart move, tapping into the manufactured hatred of the MTA and threatening to shut down government if the budget isn’t passed. Crap, I think I’m going to have to vote for Cuomo and not the Green Party candidate.

  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    Right now on Facebook, Brian Lehrer is taking feedback on the ARC tunnel. Specifically about NJ commute times.

  • “There will be tables and chairs, more trees and new benches — it will be more plaza-like,” said Davidson, citing a similar plaza at Ninth Avenue and 14th Street in Manhattan, a neighboring city.”

    Is this the Brooklyn Paper’s idea of a joke or just another example of their ignorance?

  • Check out the slides from DOT:

    You will be quite disappointed to learn that originally, the project called for a quite substantial pedestrian space at the 8th Ave triangle by demapping St Johns Pl between Flatbush and 8th Ave. This particular component has been scaled back to resemble the rest of the “triangles” in the proposal, and provides storage space for three automobiles on St Johns Pl. That’s right: Instead of a pocket park to be enjoyed by Brooklyn’s 2.5 million residents, three lucky individuals will be able to store their over-sized private property on public land.

    In other words, this corridor project has been scaled back essentially to a series of over-glorified curb extensions. Don’t get me wrong, I fully support the wholesale installation of curb extensions across the whole city. It’s just disappointing that this particular project is so watered-down.

  • m to the i

    The area there doesnt really need a pocket park. It is right by Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park. Of course, demapping that block of St Johns would definitely improve the traffic pattern and pedestrian movements.

    I was just surprised to see that in the safety proposal for side streets, they didn’t propose curb extensions to the one corner that absolutely needs it. That northwest corner of Sterling, Prospect and Bergen really need extensions to cut the crossing distance and slow down drivers turning right from southbound Flatbush. (They are not shown correctly in the image either) Its probably an emergency service issue since its a narrow turn.

  • Geck

    Jeff is right. That short piece of St. Johns Pl is entirely unnecessary. When driving, it is easier, faster and safer to take 8th Avenue to Flatbush Ave. and avoid the awkward merge. There is no reason to not de-map that stub of St. Johns Pl. I suspect One Plaza Street residents foolishly objected to having a pocket park at their door, with a drop off 32′ away on Flatbush.

  • Graphene may turn out to be a designer’s dream! 2010/ 10/ 06/ science/ 06nobel.html

    “Physics Nobel Honors work on Ultra-Thin Carbon,” Dennis Overbye, NYT, Oct 5, 2010

  • Bloomberg should be speaking out against Big Oil’s Prop 23.

    “The Terminator vs. Big Oil,” Thomas L. Friedman, NYT, Oct 5, 2010 2010/ 10/ 06/ opinion/ 06friedman.html