Today’s Headlines

  • Whoa: Paladino Only Trails Cuomo By 6 Points in New Q Poll (NYT)
  • Paladino Wanted to Tear Down State Office Building to Make Way for Parking (News)
  • Republicans Feeling Good About Their Chances to Retake State Senate (Gotham Gazette)
  • More on the Debut of Union Square’s Public Space Makeover (Post, Transpo Nation)
  • Excellent Editorial on Bike Lanes in the Downtown Express
  • Looks Like We’re Headed for $104 Monthly MetroCards (NY1)
  • 178 MTA Bus Drivers Caught Texting Behind the Wheel So Far This Year (Post)
  • The Next Next-Gen Fare Payment System: Pay By Smart Phone (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • High School Freshman Killed Crossing NYC Region’s Second-Deadliest Road (MTR)
  • Who’s Afraid of World Car-Free Day? Climate Change Deniers (Grist)

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  • Finally, the truth comes out:<blockquote.Truthfully, though, it’s not cyclists who are “setting the tone” on the streets, but motorists with their aggressive driving.Thanks, Downtown Express editorial board!

  • Wonderful editorial by the Downtown Express. Must-read.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Study by road construction industry: New York City needs to spend more to maintain roads.

    They are probably right at some level, although bang for the buck may be more of a factor. In case you don’t read Room 8, I recent posted a spreadsheet with local government spending per $1,000 of personal income for NYC, other areas of the state, the U.S. average, and a few other states.

    Despite high transit ridership here, NYC’s spending on streets & highways equaled $5.13 for every $1,000 of NYC residents’ income, above the U.S. average of $4.87. Then again, the data includes the TBTA and half the Port Authority road spending, so all those bridges and tunnels in NYC may have something to do with it. Spending in the Downstate Suburbs & NJ below the US average as a share of their residents’ income at $3.79 and $3.30.

    From the article:

    “The report from The Road Information Program (TRIP) labels the New York metropolitan area’s road system as the seventh-worst in the country, with 53% of roadways currently in ‘poor’ condition. (The worst was San Jose, Calif., and the best was Dallas.) The study concluded that driving on these roads costs drivers an average of $640 a year in automobile maintenance beyond typical wear and tear.”

    That seems a little high. I don’t think my entire maintenance spending has been $640 per year. Then again, I don’t drive as much as most.

  • PaulC

    104 dollar metro card, thanks Albany!! At least two of the bone heads are no longer in office.

  • Anon

    I’m getting the feeling that a Paladino governorship would be really bad for the MTA and for NYC in general. If someone like Christie can possibly cancel the new NJT tunnel, Paladino could easily cancel the Second Ave Subway and cut MTA funding.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Paladino could easily cancel the Second Ave Subway and cut MTA funding.”

    He can cancel the SAS, but he would be hard pressed to cut MTA funding below zero. And siphoning off taxes collected only in the downstate region to Upstate NY will eventually provoke a reaction.

    That damage is done, and bi-partisan.

    What he could do is slash state school aid to NYC while increasing it in the rest of the state, so local goverments there could add to the 130,000 extra employees they have hired since 1990. That’s what Pataki did when he came into office. Siver went along, because his interests also got paid.

  • $104 would be by far the most expensive monthly pass for local transit in the nation right?

    Boston charges $59 a month for unlimited subway, bus, 1 ferry line and very local commuter rail.

    DC would probably charge more than NYC, but they dont offer monthly subway passes.