Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg Budget: Huge Citywide Spending Cuts, No Property Tax Hike (WSJ)
  • Christie Claims ARC Decision Unrelated to Empty Transportation Trust Fund (Star-Ledger)
  • Gotham Gazette Tells You Everything You Need to Know About MTA Smart Card Plans
  • Jay Walder: Capped “Unlimited” MetroCard Not Very Popular (City Room)
  • Widow of Bike-Crash Victim Has One-on-One With NYCDOT Commish (CBS2)
  • Slow Going for Bikes-in-Buildings Applications in Brooklyn (Bklyn Paper)
  • Do You Know This Man? NYPD Needs Help IDing Biker With Crash-Induced Amnesia (News)
  • Family of Brain-Dead Deliveryman Plan to Sue Texting Driver Who Hit Him (News)
  • Revenue-Starved MTA Turns to Video Ads (City Room)
  • Week Before B71 Van Service Starts, Everyone Seems Skeptical It Will Work (Bklyn Paper)
  • Construction Begins on NY State’s Largest Stimulus Project: $75m for Staten Island Expressway (Post)

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  • Like I commented yesterday, I think Nancy Gruskin’s foundation (the CBS2 story) deserves the support of cyclists, and I don’t think that doing so poses any conflict for cycling advocates. I do have my own strong reservations about cyclists’ drawing the attention of others (e.g. cops, officials) to the bad behavior of other cyclists. But supporting Nancy Gruskin’s efforts don’t require cyclists to do that. Her foundation’s goals sound deliberate, rational, and thoughtful. (Watch the clip–she even has a taming effect on Dr. Prejudice Aiello.) Most decent cycling advocates regularly proclaim their honest concern for pedestrian safety in addition to cyclist safety, but I’m sure many of you have found that that message doesn’t get very well heard by the public. The cycling community’s support for the foundation’s work could be an uncommonly good opportunity to help fix that.

    The cycling community and Ms. Gruskin’s foundation could really be allies and assets to one another. Just one example of something they could work on together is what Glenn pointed out yesterday: “Even extreme anti-bike people…now understand the logic of using bike lanes as an anti-sidewalk riding strategy.”

  • Larry Littlefield

    Are the city’s expenditures going down?

    Or are services being cut to make up for the fact that pension costs and retiree health care costs are rising, due to more retirees thanks to pension enhancements that were supposed to be “free?”

    And interest costs are rising because of tax breaks and special deals that no one saw the cost of at the time?

  • Sorry, mis-clicking all over the place here; I intended above to include a link to the Gruskin facebook page: