Today’s Headlines

  • Charter Commission Puts Term Limits on the Ballot (NYT)
  • Unlicensed Driver Critically Injures 16-Year-Old Cyclist at Webster and 188th (ABC7 via Gothamist)
  • Century-Old LIRR Switching Equipment Catches Fire, Crippling Service (City Room, News, NY1)
  • The High-and-Unlikely Fare Hike Scenario: $130 Monthly Metrocards (News, Post)
  • Soon Motorists Can Try to Beat the Yellow at DUMBO Intersection of Jay and York (Post, Bklyn Paper)
  • City Room Breaks Out More Data From NYCDOT’s Ped Safety Report
  • Diaz, Sr.’s Church Lets Diaz, Sr.’s Campaign Car Fleet Park for Free (News)
  • Vornado Dangles $100M to Improve Penn Station as Part of Midtown Skyscraper Bid (Crain’s, NYT)
  • MTA Makes Big Bus Purchase From New Flyer (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Bob Diamond Hasn’t Given Up on Reviving a Red Hook Trolley (Bklyn Paper)
  • How Can Rail Trails Serve Real Transportation Needs? (MTR)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    The LIRR equipment damaged by the surge may be a century old, but the cables that caused the surge were relatively new.

    I’m not sure what to worry about more — the old equipment, or the new equipment installed by contractors who are ripping the MTA off.

    Good thing the new buses are being purchased from a company from outside the NY Metro area.

  • TKO

    It won’t just be motorists beating the yellow. Far more cyclist will ignore the new light in DUMBO. Just notice how many go the wrong way at that intersection.

    Might help with the lawsuit when one hits you though.

  • Jay

    “She was issued a summons for driving without a license.” Excuse me… what? That’s it?!

    It’s not like they pulled her over for a minor traffic violation and discovered she wasn’t carrying her license.

    She nearly killed a kid, and probably left him with permanent injuries. Where are the criminal charges?

  • Brooklyn

    From a Facebook friend living in China at the moment; 10-day, 60-mile traffic jam north of Beijing:

  • lee

    I can see how that Jay/York intersection could be frustrating for motorists. There is such a continuous stream of people coming from the subway station it can take a while to make it through that stop sign.
    But now, at least, there is eye contact, and hand waving between the pedestrians and motorists. I think that with a traffic signal present speeds will increase, communication will decrease, and it will actually be a more dangerous intersection.

    Alternative but way more expensive solution: Build an exit from the York st station on the south side of the intersection.

  • Ruben Diaz, Sr. is an embarrassment to the Bronx and to New York State. The sooner he is out of government, the better.

  • It’s unfortunate that a $130 “unlimited” fare won’t buy any service cuts, let alone service improvements.

  • The $130 proposed monthly fare is additional incentive for some of us to bicycle regularly, but I fear it may also lead to more driving by others.

  • poncho

    how about fully automating the subways so that they dont need operators and adding a hell of a lot more bus lanes to every bus line so they can serve many more riders for the same operating cost as now. that would save so much money and raise the farebox recovery to damn near break even.

    its time our country stop F-ing around with transportation and start doing what is needed to do it right even if it is difficult.

  • Poncho, the total wages and benefits of conductors and train operators on NYCT are about $450 million. However, about half could be cut by just going for one-person train operation and increasing operator efficiency, which is much easier than installing infrastructure for full automation. Neither would even come close to cutting costs so that revenues cover them, not even just operating costs.

    The biggest waste is on commuter rail and in administration.

    By the way, they’re not planning to force anyone into a $130 Metrocard. The plan is to either raise the unlimited monthly to $104, or offer a $130 unlimited and a $99 card with a 90-ride cap.


    Koch Industries nightmare machine corrupts American governance including action on the accelerating devastation of the environment caused by climate change as reported in the New Yorker in

    “Covert Operations,” Jane Mayer, The New Yorker, August 30, 2010


    From Joseph Romm, Climate Progress:

    “New Yorker exposes Koch brothers along with their greenwashing and whitewashing Smithsonian exhibit”