Today’s Headlines

  • Court Upholds Environmental Review, Traffic Analysis for Willets Point Megaproject (City Room)
  • After Stroke or Seizure, Livery Cab Driver Kills Mother of Five on Staten Island (PostNews)
  • Hardly Bike Bedlam: Summer Streets Gives Kids Freedom to Ride Their Bike (News
  • Ed Koch Declares Support For Pedestrian Plazas (Youtube)
  • Williamsburg’s Lock-Gluing "Bike Crusader" Speaks in Brooklyn Paper Point/Counterpoint (12)
  • Pair of Motorcycle Crashes Only 22 Minutes Apart Kill Three (News)
  • Ruben Diaz Sr. Bets On Campaign Vans, Challenger Ramos Pledges to Go Door-to-Door (News)
  • AMNY Reports on Some NYC Converts to Active Commuting
  • Taxi Drivers Use More Caution If They Lease Cab From Neighbor, Study Shows (WSJ)
  • Keeping the Park in Parkway: Bronx Mobilizes To Save Pelham Parkway’s Trees (Post)
  • Brooklyn Eagle‘s Dennis Holt Urges Bergen Street Cyclists to Pipe Down on Weekend Mornings

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  • Larry Littlefield

    The city has proposed removing derelict bikes. But Ghost Bikes would be included and taken away as well.

    I definately agree derelict bikes should be removed. I recall when I first decided to give biking to work a try, I didn’t think I could make it the full nine miles, so I tried biking to a city garage on the Lower East Side with bike parking, planning to take the subway the rest of the way.

    Almost all the spaces were taken by abandoned bikes, and I ended up getting covered with dirt squeezing between them. Fortunately, I decided to try going all the way rather than giving up.

  • TKO

    Dennis Holt’s contradiction is wonderful, “I worked in Midtown Manhattan for 25 years and once told someone that if I had to wait for the “Walk” lights, I wouldn’t get anywhere. Bikers believe the same thing about red lights.”

    So it is ok for him to ignore the laws?

  • Glue Man

    Not sure who the bike lock gluing fool really is, but his writing comes across as a put-on. How could anyone who has lived in Williamsburg these many years really get worked up about parked bikes as eyesores? What is this Park Avenue? When were Williamsburg sidewalks pristine? It must have been before I started spending time there 25 years ago. The sidewalks have always been too narrow, too full of overfull garbage cans, dead car batteries, tires, skids and all kinds of crap.

    As for “Yuppies” (WTF that is) B-Burg has been in rapid demographic change for many decades now. This demonizing of the other shit, be they young white kids, Muslims, Dominicans, African Americans or whatever has got to stop. Everyone is the other when they go somewhere else.

  • Dennis Holt should read up on NYS bicycle regulations. He claims, “I would guess that about 40 percent of the men don’t wear helmets, a violation of the law.” Nonsense! It’s only a requirement for children under 14.

  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    I already wrote to Dennis Holt and the paper telling him at least two of his statements about cycling are erroneous. I suggest others do the same.

    I mean geez, this guy works for a paper? It only takes about 10 seconds to google the NYCDOT website to find out the regulations. What’s worse, every time they are in print, then others will repeat them thinking that a newspaper must have fact-checked something so simple. Then again, he may have seen or heard the same thing and is just spewing the same thing, of course without checking first.

  • MinNY

    There is much to take issue with in Holt’s editorial, but still, I think this point is worth discussion:

    “I haven’t mentioned delivery bikers, a large number of people in the city these days. You start off with no one wanting to get cold meals. And so many of the deliverers can barely speak English in the first place. But if the cops want to get serious, it’s relatively easy: Deal with the restaurants, and rather soon, matters will change.”

    If the restaurants have to pay a fine for their riders being on the sidewalks, going the wrong way, or (more dangerous to the safety of their employees) not riding with lights at night – a lot could change rather quickly.

  • kaja

    How about Streetsblog stops linking the Brooklyn Paper?

    Everything that’s topical there is egregious, and usually snotty. Personally I hope they go out of business, and the quickest way there is depriving them of pageviews.

    Separately: Couldn’t help but notice Holt is older, and watches the CBS Evening News. I don’t know anyone near my age (late 20s -> early 30s) who owns a television; certainly I don’t know anyone at all who’d ever watch a news TV show. And nearly everyone rides a bike. The generational divide is stark.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “I don’t know anyone near my age (late 20s -> early 30s) who owns a television; certainly I don’t know anyone at all who’d ever watch a news TV show. And nearly everyone rides a bike. The generational divide is stark.”

    And just think, in 20 years those near your age will be late 40s early 50s, and most of those now watching CBS news will be dead or at least out of the labor force. If those following ride bikes and gets video off their laptops in increasing numbers, in 20 years things will be much different indeed. And these are the low cost solutions.

  • MSanchez

    Agree with Kaja, though it only applies to friends within my immediate social circle. Plenty of co-workers in the same age range are avid TV watchers, enthusiastic drivers and eagerly saving up for their move to the suburbs so they can have a big yard and multi-car garage. I can only hope they are in the minority overall.

  • Bolwerk

    The Bike Crusasader™ is a moron.

    I am not anti-bike. I’m anti-illegal bike parking. In fact, I’ve put forward an idea for bike depots, which would be built in McCarren Park and along Kent Avenue and charge cyclists a $1 fee to park there. This would give a couple of retired folks a security job, keep the bikes safe, and create revenue for the city.

    Just what every retired person wants: a dead-end security job. Way to stimulate the economy!

    But it’s not like cars pay $1 to park in Williamsburg.


    “A Paradigm Shift Towards Sustainable Low-Carbon Transport
    Financing the Vision ASAP,” Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP)

    More than $1.5 Trillion each year goes to making your commute worse study says

  • 100-km Chinese traffic jam enters Day 9

    “Thousands of trucks en route to Beijing from Huai’an in the southeast have been backed up since Aug. 14, making the national Expressway 100 impassable . . . ”

  • kaja

    Old news, probably: the Brooklyn Bridge Park bike path is open, from pier one to pier six. And, per BSNYC, it’s gravel.

    It’s pretty great, except for getting to the Manhattan Bridge from pier one, which still involves a steep climb up cobblestones with potholes, that makes me wish I had mountanbike tires. I’ll stick to Clinton -> Tillary until they fix that.

  • I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but I want to know about public transit in New York. I heard they are cutting services, can you point to where I can find out about that.

    NY has traditionally been used as the gold standard for public transit throughout the US and I just want to know about the dismantling of it and the gutting of the bus service and train service, this seems to be a big deal to the remaining working and middle class in the NY area, but I don’t seem to get any information about it being in Los Angeles. if anyone knows anything email me. thanks.


  • Browne, they’re not dismantling anything. They reduced frequencies on a few trains and buses, eliminated very low-performing routes, and combined some routes.

    The best place to read about NYC subway news is Second Avenue Sagas.