This Week: Biking Goes Mainstream; Summer Streets III, Part 2

It’s the dog days and community boards are still on vacation. Luckily, the calendar features two more weeks of this to look forward to:

prant_summer_streets.jpgThe view down Park Avenue last Saturday. Photo: Jeff Prant
  • Thursday: How can NYC make cycling mainstream and integrate it with the city’s transportation system? NYCOT’s Jon Orcutt, Transportation Alternatives’ Caroline Samponaro, and the Department of City Planning’s Jack Schmidt will discuss at this panel put on by AIA’s New York City Chapter.
  • Saturday: Summer Streets 2010, the second of three installments. Get up at dawn, experience the whole thing from 7:00 to 1:00, and avoid the lines at the dumpster pools. (Actually, the wait wasn’t that bad.)

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  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    Here’s our photo pictorial on Streetfilms. Enjoy!

  • Ian Turner

    My gym overlooks the Park Avenue bridge. I saw more traffic on Saturday morning during Summer Streets than during your typical weekday.

  • How to make cycling integrated with Transit system? Bike share. Put lots of bike share locations at train stations, next to bus stops, near bridges, in areas that have little to no transit service.

    Bike share could really stitch this city’s transportation system together better than any of major transportation capital programs for a fraction of the cost.

  • I second Glenn on the bikeshare!

    I rode Summer Streets from 72nd down to Astor Cube and back up again with my seven year old daughter and some of her friends, and their parents. Unlike years past, there were very few cyclists who failed to understand that the event was not a road race. Proof that you can teach old dogs new tricks!

  • Each year seems to have its own flavor. This edition seemed less structured than the last. More cross streets seemed to be closed but there were fewer volunteers and cops to monitor them. Maybe the City figured out we’ve been doing this long enough that we can figure out the simple stuff on our own?

    Only two disappointments this year, the lack of bicycling parking outside the Whole Foods Picnic Area, where they instructed cyclists to just leave their bikes without anything to secure the bikes to, and the number of salmon, cyclists and pedestrians, who persist in going the wrong way.

    As has become the habit, when Summer Streets came to an end, NYPD instructed cyclists to ride on the sidewalk. Perhaps they confuse riding on the “side” with “side walk?” But then, if cops didn’t make this odd request then how would we know we weren’t just dreaming of a traffic-free Park Ave?

  • Danny G

    yeah summer streets is badass!!


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