Today’s Headlines

  • Car Dependence and Prescription Drugs Don’t Mix (NYT)
  • Weiner, Krugman Give Climate Bill Post-Mortems (WNYC, NYT)
  • The Times Examines the Effect of America’s Huge Transit Repair Backlog
  • Emanuel: Obama Now Considering "Infrastructure Rebuilding Bill" (WSJ)
  • Subway Reliability Down, Ridership Up (NY1)
  • Schumer Pushing to Maintain Transit Commuter Tax Break (News)
  • Merchants Rally for Excessive Subsidized Parking at Flushing Commons (NY1)
  • Alison Arieff Picks Some Favorite Entries from the Better Burb Contest
  • Schneiderman Bill Would Make It Impossible to Tow Parking Scofflaws (News)
  • NYPD Issued 21,136 Tickets for Riding on the Sidewalk Last Year (News)
  • New York’s New Soccer Star Takes the Train to Game (Capital NY)

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  • J. Mork

    If the Flushing merchants can’t survive without the parking, why don’t they buy the lots and provide parking for free to their customers?

  • I’d be really curious to know how many summonses were issued for motor vehicle violations, which was the third-ranked category, as compared to the 21,136 issued for sidewalk riding, which was the fourth-ranked category.

    At the very least, this partially debunks the claim by some that cyclists never receive tickets.

  • “This legislation will ensure that, in these tough economic times, low-income working families who go into debt do not become destitute and entirely dependent on state aid,” said Justin Berhaupt, Schneiderman’s legislative director.”

    And Schneiderman is supposed to be “progressive”–sigh.

  • TKO

    All those tickets must not scare NYC cyclists. Just today four folks ion the side walk in 15 minutes of riding!

  • bb

    ““In the past it was cocaine, it was PCP, it was marijuana,” said Chuck Hayes of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. “Now we’re into this prescription drug era that is giving us a whole new challenge.”

    The police also struggle with the challenge of prosecuting someone who was taking valid prescriptions. ”

    Car Dependence and Prescription Drugs Don’t Mix

    This article disturbs me.

    The war on Drugs is a failure and this article screams this. The lack of oversight and complete disregard for Americans.

    By the way the past if very real MI stated you can’t use trace amounts to show impairment. Which would make common sense. Now with legal drugs we have no baseline for impairment. Alot we learned didn’t we.

  • @TKO,

    Sad but true. Though tickets don’t seem to deter drivers, either.