Eyes on the Street: Blast of Thermoplast on Flushing


John Del Signore at Gothamist got this shot of Flushing Avenue this morning. Looks like phase one of the Flushing bikeway is getting striped, creating a continuous link between North Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridge.

A refresher: The two-way, jersey barrier-separated path on Williamsburg Street West will extend to Washington Avenue on the north side of Flushing, and a regular painted bike lane will run eastbound on the south side. That’s what’s going on in this photo. West of Washington, it’ll be buffered lanes to Navy Street.

This is the interim treatment until the city gets going on phase two, which will widen the north sidewalk to make room for a two-way bike path and pedestrian amenities — a segment of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway. In May, DOT estimated that it will take a good two to four years to complete the second phase.

  • Andrew

    Pardon me if this has been answered elsewhere, but how will the B57 serve the stop at Grand Avenue?

  • Mike

    That westbound bus stop, with extremely low ridership, is being discontinued.

  • Glenn

    BTW – The Hoyt Avenue connection is reportedly complete according to @J_uptown on Twitter:

    @UpperGreenSide @mikepstein @BicyclesOnly #bikenyc network grows!! Hoyt Ave, connection to RFK (Triborough) installed. http://bit.ly/dhn12a

    I haven’t seen it myself, but can someone in the area confirm? Also, what’s the state of the Triboro bike path these days? I haven’t been there since the TA Century Tour in 2008


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