Today’s Headlines

  • Kudos to the activists on Staten Island that got that fence down and public space & right of way restored. Let the caterer cart all of his food in using handtrucks or maybe even cargo bikes.

  • Strange that the Times chose a picture of a woman pedaling a cargo tricycle and wearing a helmet for its photo essay. I thought Denmark was a helmet-free zone.

  • I LOVE Copenhagen. Lived there for a whole year. It was amazing and I encourage everyone to visit at some point. But I will say, you don’t need to go to Copenhagen to have an AMAZING biking staycation. You could do that right here in NYC or go from NYC upstate or across the Hudson and still sleep in your own bed every night.

  • lee

    There are lots of art vendors in parks? Never noticed them.
    I have seen a bunch of people selling crap but no art vendors.

  • Moser

    I’d say based on a recent visit that about 15% of Copenhagen cyclists wore helmets – more than I expected.