Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood in NYC: Tolls Could Pay for Transpo Bill, But Only on New Asphalt (Transportation Nation)
  • TSTC: Manhattan and Brooklyn Most Dangerous for Senior Pedestrians (MTR, Post)
  • Cyclist in Horrifying Union Square Crash Identified as 36-Year-Old Pilar Ortiz (Gothamist)
  • Times, Crain’s, WNYC Cover Robert Lieber Resignation
  • Neglecting State Parks Could Cost More Than Keeping Them Open (WNYC)
  • State Senate Accuses State DOT of Fiscal Waste (MTR)
  • MTA Won’t Renew Contract With Goldman Sachs (City Room)
  • Mobbed-Up Sub Axed From East Side Access (NYT); Kabak: Low-Bid Mandate to Blame
  • SI GOP Nominates Ex-Rep, Convicted Drunk Driver Vito Fossella for Former Seat (Advance, News)
  • Markowitz Releases Plan for Revamped "Brooklyn Boulevard," a.k.a. Fourth Avenue (Eagle)
  • As Promised, City Health Commish Thomas Farley Now Biking to the Office (News)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “Update: LaHood’s spokeswoman, Jill Zuckman clarifies in an email: “He’s not for tolling for existing roads already paid for by tax dollars. He’s open to tolling to add capacity, like a new lane, or a new road.”

    Update — over time existing roads and bridges will need to be replaced. In older places such as New York we are already spending (and borrowing) $billions to do so. Would he argue that tolls not be used for a new Tappan Zee Bridge, because the old one was already paid for, only for new capacity?

    The only thing that is permanent is the land the road sits on. Railroads pay property taxes to reflect the value of that land. Roads do not. What about that?

  • LaHood’s DOT is a regular Jekyll & Hyde show.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Yup, lots of announcements in all kinds of directions. But the real news is what has actually happened. Nothing.

    The money? For health care, Social Security, debt service and (to a lesser and lesser extent) the military and homeland security. And, worst case, lots of contingent liabilities from various bailouts.

    We’d be facing a financial crisis even if we eliminated everything else.

  • Fossella has a very good shot of winning back his seat because McMahon has totally abandoned his base on core issues for Democrats. I actually hope a wounded Fossella wins the seat back so a real strong Staten Island Democrat can win the seat in 2012.