Cartoon Tuesday: Little Green Man and the Lizard Squeezins

Sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspective to see things clearly. So what would an extra-terrestrial think of humankind’s dependence on fossil fuels? In light of the devastation being unleashed off the shores of the Gulf states, cartoonist and recent Pulitzer recipient Mark Fiore files this brilliant summation of the absurdly self-destructive lengths we earthlings go to for our "lizard squeezins."

  • C’mon streetsblog, that Alien used a lot more fuel to get here and now he’s telling us to ride a bike. That would be like me flying into China just to someone to stay on their bike.

    Dang Aliens always trying to keep us down on our high gravity planet!

  • Danny G

    I kinda cringed a little at the end when the alien suggested a bike. How come the alien knows what a bike is but not a car?

    With all due respect, the video could be improved if the alien didn’t genuinely open our eyes and then preach to the choir. Let the viewer come to their own conclusion, rather than prescribing bikes as a panacea.

  • EK

    Petroleum as a fossil fuel is just a theory, there’s no real proof. In any case there’s no good reason to burn so much of it. Aliens can travel through other dimensions so they don’t need to burn lots of fuel, but again that’s just a theory.

  • I think it’s great. Got both of my kid’s teachers to show it to their classes.

  • The alien knew about bikes because they are the most efficient mode of transportation in the entire universe! (Duh.)

  • The video does exactly what’s intended – makes us question our use of our cars… at a very poignant time; I, like every other person who drives a car, shares responsibility/guilt for the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
    I can’t do a great deal about that but every mile I do by bike rather than car might help delay the next disaster.