Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Layoffs Will Take Subway Riders Back to the Future (NYT, AMNY)
  • Bloomberg Unveils Bleak Budget, Rips Albany for City’s Dire Straits (NYT 1, 2, News, GG)
  • Remorseless Joe Bruno Sentenced to Two Years, Still Plans to Avoid Jail (NYT 1, 2, News)
  • City Room Picks Up Revised Komanoff Bike Count
  • Brooklyn Paper Aligns With Marty Markowitz on Prospect Park West Bike Lane
  • Public Forum on High Bridge Restoration Coming to the Bronx Next Week (News)
  • Fox 5 Assures Drivers It’s Now Legal to Block Unmarked Pedestrian Curb Cuts
  • Opponents of Willets Point Redevelopment Seize on Traffic Impact
  • Developers Move Forward With Staten Island Homeport Project (NY1)
  • Peter Vallone, Congestion Pricing Foe, Slams MTA for Lack of Station Cameras (Post)
  • "Sustainable" Transport Should Be Defined by Policy-Makers, Not Car-Makers (Grist)

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  • er

    Brooklyn Paper: “And there’s something else that has been lost in this whole debate: Prospect Park West already has a great bike lane. It’s called Prospect Park.”

    I’ll see the merit in this when cars are prohibited from driving in the park. There’s already a great place to drive. It’s called Prospect Park West.

  • The main reason I linked to the Willets Point petition is that the proposed Van Wyck offramps would make the new development much more car-oriented. Here’s something that’s a short walk from an express subway stop; it doesn’t need offramps. If livable streets advocates can unite with the NIMBYs and Lipsky to stop these onramps, it would be a good thing.

  • Larry Littlefield

    What, exactly, does the Mayor want the state legislature to do?

    Not raise taxes — it already has and he objected to it.

    Not cut spending — he’s objecting to spending cuts.

    Not go after today’s public employees and senior citizens, the ones who have run up debts and grabbed retroactive pension enhancements. Bloomberg has handed out those himself.

    He wants the state to borrow money and make future generations worse off so today’s policians can keep handing out goodies a little while longer. While not admitting it.

    Everyone who is asying “the state legislature will destroy the city” is lying. The truth is “the state legislature HAS destroyed this city.”

  • That curb cut story was a real prize. So there are curb cuts at t-intersections where the city has decided, oddly, not to place crosswalks, and people want to park there. Yet, if someone is handicapped, and needs to cross the street, I suppose they have to head to a signaled intersection with a painted crosswalk. So for the convenience of fatties like Barb from Washington Heights, handicapped individuals should be left high and dry. All I gotta say is: Barb, karma’s a bitch!

  • NattyB

    The LES bike lanes on Stanton, Suffolk, and Rivington were being painted this morning.

    I gave a shout out to the guys’ painting the lanes, but, they didn’t seem nearly as enthused as I was.

    Oh joyous day.

  • J:Lai

    Does anyone know what the current DOT budget has as far as frequency of bike lane maintenance?
    Debris and bad road surface that are minor irritants to car drivers can be serious obstacles for a bike rider.
    Bike lanes with big potholes and bad pavement may be worse than no bike lane at all.

  • Boris

    I emailed the Willets Point guys, saying I support them, but that they need to propose clear alternatives to the highway expansion, such as public transit improvements. Then I realized that the anti-redevelopment coalition is made up mostly of auto repair shops…

  • Willets Points is fake-close to the subway. It’s a short distance on foot, but the streets connecting to the subway are flanked by empty lots and by Shea Stadium’s parking.