Tonight: DOT Presents “Significant” Improvements for Grand Army Plaza

Just a reminder, DOT’s presentation to a joint meeting of Brooklyn CB 6, CB 8, and CB 9 starts at 6:30 at the Brooklyn Public Library main branch. Word is that the advocates who’ve been working for years to make Grand Army Plaza a better public space are excited about this one, and if you live in the area you won’t want to miss it.

  • Is the “second floor meeting room” the one by the children’s area entrance on Eastern Parkway?

  • @ J. Mork,

    Not sure if they’re one and the same, but I got to the last meeting in the “2nd Floor Meeting Room” by coming in the main entrance, taking the stairs/escalator (I think I loafed it up the escalator) to the left, hanging a left-hand u-turn through the doors at the top of the landing, and heading down the hallway toward Grand Army Plaza. It’s on the GAP/Eastern Parkway corner.

    DOT will also be presenting the updated PPW traffic-calming plan, and I expect some of the small-but-rabid contingent of anti-traffic-calming PPW residents to show up, so if any of you can come out to support us pro-traffic calmers, it’d be much appreciated.

  • mork

    Yep. Main entrance, escalator to the left.

  • kapes

    I’d be happy when they fill in the potholes near the north end.
    When I come around GAP after Prospect park in the morning, I like to get lined up for the right most Flatbush Ave. bound lane (so I’m predictable and no drivers side swipe me), and geez those bumps are nasty.

  • pandechion

    Even though I’m right around the corner, I’m stuck at home with my baby girl, so if anyone goes, please report back; I’m dying to know what they say.

  • Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for the PPW part of the discussion, but the GAP improvements look really great. I don’t want to scoop SB on the details, but I will say that there appeared to be a bicycle-only roundabout in the plans. (!)

  • Mike

    Play-by-play at

  • Spoiler alert: Yeah, there’s a two-way parking protected path all around Plaza Street in the GAP plan, which, among other things, will turn the PPW bike path into a very well-connected link for commuters. Good walking connections planned for the north and south ends of GAP too.

    Also, the @mikepstein tweets on PPW discussion are hilarious and all too true. Highly recommended.

  • When will the proposal be posted on the intertubes?

  • Sometime tomorrow it’ll be up on the DOT site, I’ve been told. I’ll do my best to describe it in the morning, and hopefully the graphics will be online then.

  • Mike

    I just can’t wait for the bike roundabout. I’m totally going to ride around in circles for hours. Remember, traffic in the roundabout has the right of way, so everyone else will have to wait for me to get tired (or dizzy).

  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.


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