Today’s Headlines

  • City Room Looks at the Trouble With NYC’s Bicycling Measurements
  • MTA Tests Bus Cams on Bx12 in Case Albany Decides to Give the OK (WNYC)
  • Pogan Trial: Now It’s in the Jury’s Hands (NY1)
  • If They Acquit, Pogan Would "Seriously Consider" Rejoining the Force (Post)
  • Starting in 2011, Funding for 7 Line Extension Will Come Out of City Budget (News)
  • REBNY Asks Feds to Step in and Fund 41st Street Station (NY1)
  • To Make Way for ShopRite, Navy Yard Wall Will Come Down and 300 Parking Spaces Will Go In (Post)
  • Angeleno Takes a Tour of Fordham Road With NYCDOT’s Best and Brightest (HuffPo)
  • Gillibrand Proposes Limited Licenses for Under-18 Drivers (1010 WINS)
  • More Evidence That the American Dream Doesn’t Include a Big Lawn (CNU)

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  • Geck

    How is that ShopRite going to meld with the planned bike lane and future Greenway on Flushing Ave (and Navy Street)? It looks from the image like the parking is set behind the street-front buildings (good) but access to the parking lot is more problematic. It seems like it would be best if limited to Navy Street so as not to cross the Flushing Ave cycle track (though the Future Greenway will likely continue along Navy Street too. I say put the Greenway behind the development.

  • fdr

    The HuffPo article quotes Sadik-Khan explaining why the press criticizes her as Manhattan-oriented: “It’s the press. As Commissioner I’m a woman in a mostly man’s world and what can I say, that’s what the reporters focus on. They don’t want to go out to Queens or Brooklyn to report on a newly repaved street or bus route or the over billion dollars DOT has spent repairing roads and bridges throughout the city. They want to talk about Times Square and Summer Streets and the biking.”
    It’s true the press is reluctant to leave Manhattan, but when have they said anything about her that could be interpreted as anti-woman?

  • What opponents of bus-mounted cams overlook is that blocked bus lanes don’t only screw bus riders, but private motorists too. When a big-ass bus has to enter the car lane, it congests the hell out of the whole street.

    By opposing camera enforcement, they’re protecting one or two illegal actors, at the expense of hundreds or thousands of commuters in various modes. Brilliant.

    Since Albany seems to think of motorists as real humans where transit riders are, say, three fifths of a man, perhaps if it occurrs to them that their precious polluting constituents are suffering too, maybe then they’ll grow a brain on this issue.

  • Ian Turner

    The press hasn’t said anything derogatory, but there is a consistent pattern of focusing on her fashion choices rather than taking her work seriously.

  • The correct response by the Feds to any future subway funding request from New York is, “Don’t even talk to us unless you get your construction costs below half a billion per mile.” Half a billion per mile, one fifth the current cost, would still be higher than in nearly all peer cities.

    And JSK is trying to distract people from the issue that she is in fact brutally negligent of ungentrified neighborhoods. Don’t read too much into it.

  • Sadly, Community Board Member Harry Wieder was killed by a cab on Essex St. Something every one of New York’s Community Baord members should be aware of.