City Council “Progressives” Want Your Budget Advice


If you find yourself with a little downtime, check out this survey from the City Council Progressive Caucus, looking for input on budget priorities for FY 2011.

Questions ask explicitly about bridge tolls and ending the parking tax exemption for Manhattan
. There’s also an open-ended space to, say, suggest measures like road pricing and
performance parking. 

Let’s make sure council "progressives" (all 12 of them) are pushing for equity in transportation costs and spending.

  • Nice push-polling there. Look at question 1:

    1. How should the City Council deal with the current bleak fiscal crisis?

    – Protect vital services like education, police, fire, and the social safety net, and ask a little more from those who can afford to pay.

    – Make cuts to essential services in order to avoid raising taxes.

    It goes downhill from there. Capital construction is called “construction for future needs,” and “Make the personal income tax more progressive and provide tax relief to moderate income households” is considered a revenue booster.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Yeah it stinks. How about “the government has become a ripoff because of your campaign contributors?”

    I didn’t see declare bankruptcy and default on debts there either. At least in LA they are talking about it.

  • Probably because it’d be illegal. Judges aren’t nearly as incompetent as government agencies. If they couldn’t get the MTA to stop overstaffing, they’d order a large, budget-balancing fare hike. Bankruptcy would only be an option if the revenue-maximizing fare were not enough to balance the MTA’s books.


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