Today’s Headlines

  • CB 7 Signs Off on Flushing Commons Development With Space for 1,600 Cars (Crain’s)
  • NY1 Polls Jamaica Pedestrians on Crossing With Caution at Sutphin Blvd and Archer Ave
  • Hit-and-Run Victim Erinn Phelan Still Comatose, Moved to Boston Facility (News)
  • New Jersey, One of America’s Worst Places to Walk, to Require Full Stop for Peds (Inquirer via HWD)
  • Governor Christie Betrays Contempt for Transit Riders, Ignorance of Transpo Funding (MTR)
  • House of Detention Buses Taking Over Block of Court Street (Bklyn Paper)
  • MTA Hits: SI Bus Drivers Took a Snow Day (News); Old Station Cams Outperform New Ones (AMNY)
  • Charity Bike Rides Popular Enough to Sue Each Other (NYT)
  • Ice Disappearing From Montana’s Glacier National Park, May Be Gone by Decade’s End (AP)
  • Grist’s David Roberts Explains How Street Connectivity Could Bring Community to His Nabe
  • … While Pod People Hope to Re-Brand That Whole "Community" Thing (Autopia)

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  • TKO

    Actually only one of the groups is a charity according to the article. The other is a pay to ride at $79.99 that the fellow who runs gives “some of the proceeds to charity”.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Vinnie Serapiglia – vice president of Amalgamated Transit Workers Union Local 726, which represents NYC Transit drivers on Staten Island – said bus operators likely didn’t go to work because they anticipated a tough commute home, adding that many live in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.”

    By the way, the state legislature voted — over the objections of New York City — to prohibit the city from requiring that Sanitation Workers live in the city. Municipalities in the rest of the state remain free to exclude city residents from taking their government jobs.

    Guess who plows the roads?

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    The Jamaica Station Bus-Pedestrian conflicts are severely exacerbated by enormous and chaotic dollar van use of the bus pads all around Sutphin, Archer and Jamaica Aves. Its the epicenter of dollar vanity.

  • The Times seems to have done a very good job at telling Mr. Goldstein’s side of the story. One might almost think he wrote it himself.

  • Interested Party

    There are two sides to every story and yes, it would have been nice for Applebome to check in with the Jewish Board. Maybe he did; I suspect their lawyers (and maybe even PR strategists) said this one was a no-win. And perhaps they were right.

    Here’s what’s known: Glen ran the Jewish Board’s ride last year. It did well, but they figured they could do it themselves. He was mad, and words were exchanged. Glen has to make money too, and chose to run a for-profit ride in Ulster Co. over 50 miles away on the same date. The Jewish Board gets all up in arms and said they own the word “Hudson” for bike rides. Ridiculous, but probably just a legal posture. Why? Because Glen’s list includes those who did the Westchester ride last year. But they’re still two very separate rides.

    The 5BBC situation was completely different. The current incarnation of the club’s Montauk ride is a result of the hard work of volunteers, but the template was set up by Glen Goldstein’s innovations. The dispute was sad, stupid, petty, expensive and ultimately unnecessary for both sides. It went to court. The ruling made GG come up with a competing ride on another day, an arrangement that continues to work for both rides. Problem over.

    Conclusion: nothing can ever be black-and-white in these situations. There’s more than a bit of self-interest on both sides.