Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood on Better National Bike/Walk Policy: "This Is What Americans Want" (Green Inc)
  • Subsidy-Driven, Resource-Gobbling… What’s So Different About Electric Cars, Again? (GG)
  • Paul Browne Links Times Square Mayhem to Routinely Violent Auto Show Crowds (NYT)
  • Felix Salmon: Road Pricing the "Blindingly Obvious Solution" to Cross Bronx Expressway Hell
  • Gas and Oil Prices Trending Up; Drill, Baby, Drill? (AP, NYT)
  • New 96th St. Subway Station Features Wider Stairs, Skinnier Sidewalks (City Room, SAS)
  • News Questions Enforcement of Fare-Beating on Bx12 Select
  • "New York" Post on City’s Pedestrian Plaza Expansion: It’s All About the Drivers
  • Prospect Park Administrator Tupper Thomas Stepping Down After 30 Years (NYT)
  • Latest Assault Case Against Hothead Sen. Kevin Parker Headed for Trial (NY1)
  • Memorial Ride, Ghost Bike Installation for Megan Charlop Scheduled for Saturday (BNN)
  • Mets Catcher Dave Racaniello Biked to Spring Training — From Newark (BikeHacks)

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  • kaja

    Rode past JSK on-camera at the Canal landing of the Manhattan Bridge, ~11.30am. Small crew, looked like it might’ve been municipal-use video.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Brownstoner: more bike lanes on Hoyt and Smith will lead to a loss of parking. Comments pro and con.

    What about Prospect Park West? That’s the one I would use every day.

    Perhaps Marty could lobby to accelerate the bus service cuts do the bus stops could be removed and parking loss made up quickly.