Today’s Headlines

  • Ravitch: MTA Finances in State of Despair (Post)
  • TWU Feud With MTA Takes Toll on Bus Riders (News)
  • NYC Region the Only Part of NY State That’s Growing (AP)
  • Is There a Real Market for GM’s Dressed-Up Segways? (Forbes, Streetsblog SF)
  • BP Likes How Senate Climate Bill Is Shaping Up (WSJ)
  • Brooklyn Greenway Visionaries Feeling Good About First DOT Master Planning Workshop (Bklyn Eagle)
  • NYPD Officer Dies in One-Car Crash on Suburban Route 9 (News)
  • Pols Demand That MTA Document All Requests From Pols; Now You Can Read All About It (City Room)
  • 60 Minutes Tosses Softballs to Nets Owner and Ratner Enabler Mikhail Prokhorov (No Land Grab)
  • Placard Reform 2.0? Mexico City’s Monthly Bike Commutes for Govt Employees (CSM via @Spokesnyt)

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We’ll be on a light publishing schedule today due to the Passover holiday.

  • Larry Littlefield

    In other news, an accounting organization is considering trying to force state and local governments to admit how much all those pension promises and enhancements actually cost, and start paying for them.

    I’m sure the reaction will be similar to the attempt to get top executives to disclose the real cost of their pay — Congress will snuff it out. But pretending and not paying doesn’t change the long run situation.

    Fare: $5.00 in today’s money.

    The train comes every 30 minutes and is crush loaded, despite all the jobs that have moved out of the city.

    And the train operator, just out of prison on a DWI but the best the MTA could afford, earns the minimum wage as part of yet another “two-tier contract” intended to free up money for debt service, and pensions and retiree health care new hires are no longer eligible for.