Today’s Headlines

  • News, Post: Albany Incompetence, TWU Avarice to Blame for Transit Crisis
  • Board Members Lobby to Use Stim Cash, Capital Funds to Plug Budget Hole (Post)
  • Advos and Union Reps Say MTA Is Already Cutting Bus Service (AMNY)
  • More Fallout Coverage From Pete Donohue (News 1, 2)
  • David Yassky Approved as New Head of TLC (WNYC)
  • James Vacca Spearheads Council Push to Sacrifice Bronx Housing for Parking (News)
  • City Opens Parking Lots to Residential Development, But Takes Care to Preserve Spots (NYT)
  • You Can Park Your Two-Wheeler Anywhere, for Free, as Long as It Has a Motor (AMNY)
  • Exhibition Examines the Intertwining of New York and the Automobile (NYT)
  • Cycling Ambassador Baruch Herzfeld Retrofits Vending Machine to Sell Bike Parts (City Room, News)

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  • Pete

    So I am an NYMSTF member.

    Muni-meters, as designed in NYC, do *not* work with motorcycles – there’s no way to securely affix a parking receipt to a motorcycle. It’s happened to me and to others – attach your receipt to the bike, it gets blown away, or it otherwise disappears. And then you have no proof of payment, so you cannot fight a ticket. DOT has yet to come up with a solution to solve the issue.

    The other problem, of course, is that motorcycles and cars are simply incompatible when it comes to parking – bikes getting knocked over is way too common an occurrence. When my bike was knocked over last year, it cost me close to $2,000 to get it repaired. It was parked legally, in front of my house – a careless driver simply backed into it too hard.

    NYMSTF has been working with various community boards to work on new parking setups that help facilitate daylighting, while providing dedicated motorcycle parking at the same time. A prime example – you can’t just put a “NO PARKING” sign on the last space on a corner to facilitate daylighting, because delivery vehicles will just park there and eat the ticket. But if you make that spot a space for dedicated motorcycle parking, problem solved – motorcycles are easy to see around. Tack a motorcycle-friendly muni-meter in the spot (they exist, look at San Francisco), and you get your parking revenue as well.

    As someone who rides both bicycles and motorcycles in the city, I think a lot of the bike/ped improvements that have happened in the last decade have made it significantly easier to ride a motorcycle, but the parking issues for bikes (of both kinds) still aren’t fully solved. But intelligent planning and conversation can really help both sides.

  • The SF motor bike parking is definitely the best model of its kind that I’ve seen

  • Re: East Bronx article. If it’s a “Victory for Parking,” shouldn’t the losing side get at least a quote? We hear from two residents and the councilman; nothing from the developers who are trying to meet the need for housing.

    Aren’t the developers small businesses too? Why aren’t Seth Pinsky and NYCEDC up in arms over this?

  • Here is the text of the change, and the zoning map of the area, both in PDF format. The affected areas are marked as “R6” and “R7-1.”

    Essentially, most of Vacca’s district is single-family homes, but there are some areas right near the Westchester Square and Pelham Bay Park stations on the #6 line that are zoned for apartment buildings. The law allowed a developer to build these buildings without parking if they have less than fifteen apartments in them. This change would require developers to build garages or parking lots even in these high-density areas with good subway access.

    An “LDGMA” is essentially what Larry Littlefield has been pushing for as a sop to motorists. The problem is that they want to see the entire city turned into an LDGMA.

  • Larry Littlefield

    So they are on to the waiver rule. Should have let sleeping dogs lie.

    Obviously, this should be voted down based on planning principles. The people who have trouble parking in Westchester Square aren’t those who live there, it is those who drive there from elsewhere.

    The City Planning policy has been when you limit development in some places, you have to allow it in other places. So what is Vacca prepared to allow? Anything?

  • Larry Littlefield

    One point about all those looking to give their permission to our elected officials to stop reinvestment in the system and use the money to keep the fare down and service up in the short run: that permission in permanent. PERMAMENT.

    I do not want to hear, ever again, from anyone advocating shifting capital funds to the operating budget, any objection to the cancellation of system expansion projects or even normal reinvestment. When the transit system falls apart, accept that you got what you wanted BACK THEN.

    Want proof? In the early 1990s, Mario Cuomo and David Dinkins borrowed for operating expenses in the deep early 1990s recession, and cut off funding for the MTA. THAT POLICY HAS GONE ON FOR 30 YEARS through Pataki, Spitzer, Paterson, Giuliani and Bloomberg.

    Suck money out for those who matter, and have the rest suffer later due to “circumstances beyond our control.” That’s the Sheldon Silver plan, the Christine Quinn plan, everyone who gets a guarnateed tax free pension and plans to cash in and move out plan. You want to celebrate them? Don’t criticize when it become permanent.

  • 1. Installing some (widely spaced) bike racks in the motorbike area ensures that cars can’t park there, limits the damage that cars can do. We’ve seen this in France:

    2. That AMNY article is uninformed when it cites London as an example of somewhere where motorbike parking is free. Westminster council’s motorbike parking policy is pretty controversial amongst motorbikers; this is a council that doesn’t like bicycles much either.

  • I agree than San Fran has somehow managed to figure out motorcycle and scooter parking. This isn’t rocket science!

    In the meantime the city should simply impound any motor vehicles without tags.

  • Oh yeah about the bike parts vending machine,

    I’ve see cigarette vending machines converted to see bicycle innertubes in Europe but this idea is extra brilliant!

  • vnm

    Here’s Pedro Espada advocating for Bridge Tolls on television. And I thought I’d seen everything.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Here’s Pedro Espada advocating for Bridge Tolls on television. And I thought I’d seen everything.”

    Too late Pedro. Pin the service cuts in his district on him.

  • What is the Sf solution to motorbike parking?

    I don’t understand why most american cities refuse to accommodate scooters and motorcycles. Like bikes, I think infrastructure would encourage use, and they could really help with congestion.

  • Special motorcycling parking spaces. I think it uses some sort of Muni style meter except that meter keeps track of which stall is paid up and doesn’t use a dashboard receipt. I took some notice of them in SF but didn’t look too closely.

  • Pete

    Some example photos of motorcycle parking in SF (the numbers on the pavement are for the muni meter). The last one really demonstrates how much more space-efficient motorcycles are than cars: