Today’s Headlines

  • Bridge Toll Foe Trounces Spouse-Abusing Bridge Toll Foe for Queens State Senate Seat (NYT, News)
  • Two-Way Protected Bike Lane Slated for Brooklyn’s Flushing Ave (Bklyn Paper)
  • MTA Blame Game: Another Ingenious Transit Fix From Our State Legislators (SAS, Bklyn Eagle)
  • How Other Cities Pay for Student Transportation (WNYC)
  • Smart Parking Policy More Important for Green Buildings Than LEED (Planetizen)
  • How Much Time Do Motorists Waste Stuck in Traffic? (Infrastructurist)
  • The Villager Hasn’t Forgotten About Congestion Pricing
  • Bloomberg on Towing Unmarked Police Cars: The Law Should Apply to Everyone (News)
  • Fare Evasion Enforcement Down; Fare Evasion Up (News)
  • Pols Recognize That Bikes Are Good for NY Tourism Business (Hamptons Online)

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  • fdr

    “Bridge Toll Foe Trounces Spouse-Abusing Bridge Toll Foe for Queens State Senate Seat”. Somehow I think the spouse-abusing issue was more relevant in this election than bridge tolls. And gay marriage supporters saw it as a referendum on that issue.

  • Plaudits to Brooklyn CB2 for moving us one step closer to a reasonably safe bike route via the Williamsburg Bridge to central and southern Brooklyn. Flushing Ave. has long been the “missing link” in that route.

  • Kaja called it correctly on the Flushing Ave bike lane in December. Good job!

  • Kaja didn’t exactly call it. This project only stretches as far east as Williamsburg Street West (the BQE service road). Kaja predicted a bike path as far east as Bedford, which is the detour portion ever since the Bedford Ave bike lane was removed north of Flushing.

    I asked about this section (Flushing from Bedford to W’burg Street West) at the meeting, and DOT replied that they have looked at it, but there is an ongoing construction project that found an underground stream (!) so it might be a while.

  • kaja

    Well I certainly don’t expect the Greenway to extend out to Bedford!

    My point is only that DOT isn’t crazy or dumb; that patience is a virtue.

    This is awesome, I’ll use it every day.

  • An underground stream?!? Let’s daylight that sucker, and rename that portion of Flushing Ave to Vlissingen Straat!

  • Kaja, you wrote: “I’d bet everything in my wallet that very soon there will be. See that giant stripe in the middle of Flushing from Navy all the way to Bedford? Bet you that’s going to be added to the northbound sidewalk, and will carry the Greenway.” Sounds like you did expect the greenway out to Bedford.

  • Bolwerk

    Well, at least the new bridge toll foe seems a little more balanced. Maybe he can be reasoned with. People who beat women and discriminate against gays usually fall short in the reasoning category as well.