Today’s Headlines

  • TSTC: Christie’s NJ Transit-Slashing Plan a Recipe for Disaster (Bergen Record)
  • Even ‘Smart Pedals’ Can’t Solve the Problem of Imperfect Motorists (NYT)
  • Komanoff Tells Chinese Cities How to Leapfrog NYC on Traffic Relief (Dot Earth)
  • Detectives Incensed That NYPD Is Towing Its Own (News)
  • Kings County Hospital Refused to Draw Blood From Killer DWI Cop Andrew Kelly (News)
  • Police Sergeant Pleads Guilty to Driving Drunk, Injuring 68-Year-Old Man (Post)
  • Assembly Member Vivian Cook’s LDC Makes Giant Sucking Sound (Gothamist)
  • Let Streetsblog LA’s Damien Newton Walk You Thru How to Get a Crosswalk Installed (Good)
  • Will Mayor Boris’s Cycling Revolution Live Up to the Hype? (Guardian)
  • The FDR Drive Is Built on the Ashes of London (Bldg Blog)

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  • vnm

    Detectives wouldn’t have to double park if curbside parking was priced to encourage a few empty spots now and then. Instead, curbside parking is underpriced, and it’s impossible to find parking spaces. Market rate pricing for curbside parking!

  • I wish old media’s commitment to covering both sides of a story extended to cases where that other side might have some capacity to illuminate and explain. If it’s a bicycle lane they’re talking about, they make sure to interview some curmudgeon who knows nothing about the lane, often including its location, but has an endless capacity to vent negative cycling stereotypes. That doesn’t add to anyone’s understanding, unless that reader is a visitor from another planet.

    But if it’s about undercover police vehicles being towed, we’re not given any information on how exactly that happened, case by case. What are the provisions and procedures for emergency parking, and why are they not working? Why is it unclear if the vehicles are on official or personal business—is it perhaps in someone’s interest if that distinction is not made? Might someone be trying to sabotage the effort at curbing rampant, actual abuse? And finally, isn’t there a conflict between being “undercover” and parking as if you have some kind of police privilege?

    It would be really interesting to hear an explanation for the supposedly uncalled-for towings. Guess I’ll have to continue to look elsewhere than the Daily News for answers.

  • What Nathan H. said. Coverage fit for a “visitor from another planet”–brilliant!

  • And finally, isn’t there a conflict between being “undercover” and parking as if you have some kind of police privilege?

    Bingo! Excellent observation.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “A (Queens) nonprofit connected to Assembly (woman)…”

    Most of these get most of their funding from member item grants, doled out by the Speaker. Which perhaps explains the 212 to 0 votes in the legislature on all the deals and budgets that sold out our future. Most of the legislators probably don’t even read the budget, except to make sure their member item is in it.

    Dysfunctional? Depends on what its function is.

  • J:Lai

    In fairness, the article refers to unmarked cars, which is not the same as undercover.

    Take a look at this quote, however:

    “It’s embarrassing,” Palladino said. “It takes our detectives four to six hours, often on overtime, to get the car back. In the meantime, another detective has to be called to come pick up the detectives who are stranded, or that third detective has to drive to court, or wherever, with the other two detectives and wait in the car.”

    if these detective had to retrieve the towed cars while they were not on the clock, I bet they would stop parking in front of hydrants and bus stops very quickly. Also, I like how they are “stranded”; it would be horrible if they had to walk to a subway or bus station.